Week 10 Power Rankings:

Welcome to the final week of the Jenkins Elite Power Rankings. With the 5A playoffs just around the corner and every other classification starting right after this is the final edition of the Jenkins Elite Power Rankings. We hope that you have enjoyed them this season, it was another crazy week of High School Football in the state of Colorado! Check out what our coaches think below:

Class 5A Rankings - Tim

#1 - Cherry Creek (9-0) (Last Week: #1)

Tim’s Take: A sound 35-14 win over Cherokee Trail means the Bruins go wire to wire as the number one team in 5A. They have dominated all season and I can’t wait to watch their final matchup against Grandview and see them make a run in the playoffs.

#2 - Columbine (9-0) (Last Week: #2)

Tim’s Take:  Last week I moved the Rebels up to number two and they rewarded me for it. They took down Pomona 35-13 which goes down as the most dominant and convincing win of the season for Columbine. This is going to be a tough team to take out in the playoffs.

#3 - Valor Christian (9-0) (Last Week: #3)

Tim’s Take: Valor with another quality win against ThunderRidge 38-17. This game was close to start and then Valor pulled away late. They have run their schedule to this point and I see no reason to assume it won’t continue. This is another great team come playoff time.

#4 - Eaglecrest (8-1) (Last Week: #6)

Tim’s Take: Eaglecrest continues to roll this season. This week they took down Arapahoe 35-17 and they only have one loss this year to number one Cherry Creek. Eaglecrest will be a tough matchup for anyone who sees them in the playoffs.

#5 - ThunderRidge (7-2) (Last Week: #4)

Tim’s Take: Go ahead and call me a homer, you are right. This ThunderRidge team with the exception of the Doherty loss has played incredibly well compared to where everyone had them to start the season. A fun fact, up until this week Valor had given up 20 points the whole season in eight weeks pitching four shutouts, well ThunderRidge dropped 17 on them. If the Grizzlies would not have given up two special teams touchdowns this could have been a much closer game.

Next Five

#6-Grandview (8-1) (LW #7) #7-Fairview (8-1) (LW #8) #8-Pomona (6-3) (LW #5) #9-Cherokee Trail (7-2) (LW #9) #10-Smoky Hill (9-0) (LW #10)

Class 5A Rankings - Justin

#1 - Columbine (9-0) (Last Week: #3)

Justin’s Take: This may come as a shock to most, Cherry Creek and Valor have been my top 2 all year long and have yet to lose. But in the last 2 weeks the Rebels have completely dominated top 10 opponents while others at the top have either struggled with close games or are playing inferior opponents.  I’ve felt this way for a few weeks now but finally had a reason to make the change.

#2 - Cherry Creek (9-0) (Last Week: #1)

Justin’s Take: Honestly, I wanted to move them down to #3 but there is uncertainty about the health of Valor’s quarterback so I would still pick Creek over Valor in a head to head. This team is playing down to their opponents and not living up to the high expectations the talent on this roster has garnered.

#3 - Valor Christian (9-0) (Last Week: #2)

Justin’s Take: This was the second week in a row that Luke McCaffrey was unable to play, we have no idea of when he will return to action but the schedule has been kind and it is smart to rest him to make sure that he is healthy for the start of the playoffs. Valor loses a spot in the meantime while waiting for their signal-caller to get healthy.

#4 - Eaglecrest (8-1) (Last Week: #4)

Justin’s Take: Another great game from Dylan James as he goes over 200 yds all-purpose with 3 TD’s. I still feel like Eaglecrest is too dependent on one player, everything revolves around James and the better teams will be able to scheme for that.

#5 - Grandview (8-1) (Last Week: #5)

Justin’s Take: A few weeks ago I would have said that Grandview would be a 21 point underdog to Cherry Creek, not any more.  While I would still pick for the Bruins, Grandview has continued to play great after that heartbreaking last minute loss to Eaglecrest.

Next Five

#6-Smoky Hill (9-0) (LW #7) #7-Fairview (8-1) (LW #8) #8-Ralston Valley (6-2) (LW #10) #9-ThunderRidge (7-2) (LW #9) #10-Pomona (6-3) (LW #6)

Class 5A Rankings - Joe

#1 - Cherry Creek (9-0) (Last Week: #1)

Joe’s Take: You never complain about a win. Cherry Creek shows signs of playing down to competition, but they win football games.

#2 - Valor Christian (9-0) (Last Week: #2)

Joe’s Take: Valor took care of business as predicted. Like I noted it would not be close they handled Thunder Ridge 38-17.

#3 - Columbine (9-0) (Last Week: #3)

Joe’s Take: Columbine is continuing to show they belong in the conversation to be a top 1 or 2 team. These top three teams are all right in the same ranking for me.

#4 - Eaglecrest (8-1) (Last Week: #4)

Joe’s Take: Arapahoe is not a challenging team this year. Eaglecrest showing they can take care of business when it matters.

#5 - Grandview (8-1) (Last Week: #6)

Joe’s Take: Grandview was able to take care of business and Pomona was not. Pomona also lost their best player to injury which ensures they are not a top 5 team. Grandview has lost one game but has talent and they compete against anybody.

Next Five

#6-Smoky Hill (9-0) (LW #7) #7-Fairview (8-1) (LW #10) #8-Ralston Valley (6-2) (LW #NR) #9-Cherokee Trail (7-2) (LW #8) #10-ThunderRidge (7-2) (LW #9)

Class 4A Rankings - Tim

#1 - Loveland (8-0) (Last Week: #1)

Tim’s Take: A 40-0 win over Silver Creek is now the expectation. This Loveland team is rolling and it will be great to see how they finish up down the stretch.

#2 - Pine Creek (7-1) (Last Week: #2)

Tim’s Take: A 44-0 win over Palmer was expected for this team. Pine Creek is another team that is clicking on all cylinders and will be absolutely dominant come playoff time.

#3 - Montrose (8-0) (Last Week: #3)

Tim’s Take:  They just keep winning. There is not much else you can say about this team, while they have not played the toughest schedule, to be 8-0 is impressive no matter who you play. They have a real test this week that we are all excited to see.

#4 - Greeley West (7-1) (Last Week: #5)

Tim’s Take: Let’s be honest just for a second. Outside of the town of Greeley, no one had Greeley West on the map this season, they didn’t even make my top ten until week six. Well, guess what, now we officially know. This team has a legit argument to be in the top three.

#5 - Broomfield (6-2) (Last Week: #4)

Tim’s Take: You lose to another great team by three, there is no shot you are moving down. Broomfield will be a tough team when the playoffs come around.

Next Five

#6-Ponderosa (6-2) (LW #6) #7-Heritage (7-1) (LW #7) #8-Pueblo West (6-2) (LW #8) #9-Longmont (6-2) (LW #9) #10-Skyline (6-2) (LW #NR)

Class 4A Rankings - Justin

#1 - Loveland (7-0) (Last Week: #1)

Justin’s Take: Is “curb stomp” too harsh a term when describing what Loveland is doing to their opponents? Loveland has beaten their opponents a combined 313-34! That’s an average of 39-4 and it’s only this close because the Loveland starters are rarely in the game in the 4th quarter.

#2 - Pine Creek (7-1) (Last Week: #2)

Justin’s Take: Pine Creek is the only team that I give a realistic shot at beating Loveland. The teams below could give the Indians a decent game and at least make them work into the second half.  Pine Creek actually has the talent to not only give Loveland a game but to go in knowing that they can beat them. It would take an all-around effort from the Eagles because Loveland is a team that won’t beat themselves.

#3 - Montrose (8-0) (Last Week: #4)

Justin’s Take: A 42-0 win and an undefeated record keeps them ahead of Greeley West at the moment but there is no room for error. Montrose will have a chance to keep their spot and possibly improve this week with a possible win over #6 Ponderosa.

#4 - Greeley West (7-1) (Last Week: #5)

Justin’s Take: Thrilling victory over previously ranked #3 Broomfield.  In overtime and with the game on the line, Greeley West made the defensive stand they needed to win 17-14.

#5 - Broomfield (6-2) (Last Week: #3)

Justin’s Take: Absolutely love the call to go for the win down 3 in overtime. It didn’t work out and Broomfield lost for only the second time on the year. Both losses come from top 5 opponents and this team will enter the playoffs battle tested and ready to turn these outcomes around.

Next Five

#6-Ponderosa (6-2) (LW #6) #7-Longmont (6-2) (LW #7) #8-Heritage (7-1) (LW #8) #9-Skyline (6-2) (LW #9) #10-Pueblo West (6-2) (LW #NR)

Class 4A Rankings - Joe

#1 - Loveland (8-0) (Last Week: #1)

Joe’s Take: Loveland is playing football games that aren’t even close. This team has fire power and they straight up dominate whoever they play.

#2 - Pine Creek (7-1) (Last Week: #2)

Joe’s Take: Pine Creek is going to stay at 2 as long as they take care of what they need to and Loveland doesn’t fall off. I want to see this team play Loveland.

#3 - Montrose (8-0) (Last Week: #3)

Joe’s Take: Montrose is having a great season but I still don’t think they would put up much of a fight to the two teams above them. It’s a different tier and caliber of player at Pine Creek and Loveland.

#4 - Greeley West (7-1) (Last Week: #6)

Joe’s Take: Greely West beat Broomfield giving them reason to jump. It was a close game and could have gone either way so I still think Greely West is a tough but not top 5 lock throughout the rest of the season.

#5 - Ponderosa (6-2) (Last Week: #5)

Joe’s Take: I’m a believer in the program that is being built at Ponderosa High School. They are doing things the right way working to become a better football team and that’s what’s happening.

Next Five

#6-Longmont (6-2) (LW #7) #7-Broomfield (6-2) (LW #4) #8-Pueblo West (6-2) (LW #8) #9-Heritage (7-1) (LW #NR) #10-Grand Junction Central (6-2) (LW #NR)

Class 3A Rankings - Tim

#1 - Palmer Ridge (6-2) (Last Week: #1)

Tim’s Take: Palmer Ridge is exactly who we thought they were, a top team in the State of Colorado. They dominated TJ 35-8 and showed the rest of the division they are here to play. This team will be tough to beat come playoff time.

#2 - Erie (8-0) (Last Week: #2)

Tim’s Take: Erie continues to dominate. With a 49-0 win over Roosevelt, there is absolutely nothing that will take this train off the tracks. I guess the only question is, will the Tigers grab the number one seed in the playoffs?

#3 - Harrison (8-0) (Last Week: #3)

Tim’s Take: Harrison continues their assault. Another dominating victory has this team at 8-0.

#4 - Palisade (7-1) (Last Week: #6)

Tim’s Take: Palisade, it has been a long time coming for you guys. Each week I have found a way to keep you out of the top five, well guess what, that ends today. Palisade deserves to be in the top five with their only loss coming to a tough 4A team in Montrose.

#5 - Durango (5-3) (Last Week: #7)

Tim’s Take: How about this logic, you lose and you move up. I know this makes me look crazy and heck might even completely blow up any credibility I had but hear me out. The number five spot in 3A has been a revolving door of teams that lose, so I am picking a team to secure the spot that I think will most likely make a run in this year’s playoffs if they get in.

Next Five

#6-Frederick (7-1) (LW #5) #7-Discovery Canyon (7-1) (LW #4) #8-Pueblo East (6-2) (LW #9) #9-Fort Morgan (7-1) (LW #NR) #10-Thomas Jefferson (6-2) (LW #10)

Class 3A Rankings - Justin

#1 - Erie (8-0) (Last Week: #1)

Justin’s Take: Noah Roper really struggled to keep his 29.5 ypc average from a week ago but managed to muster 162 yards on 17 carries with 5 TD’s. Surprisingly, Roper did get to play in the Second half as he returned the kickoff to start the 3rd quarter for an 80 yd touchdown to end the scoring at 49-0.

#2 - Palmer Ridge (6-2) (Last Week: #2)

Justin’s Take: That’s five in a row and another dominating performance on both sides of the ball for Palmer Ridge. Lewis-Palmer will be a nice warm-up this week for the huge showdown against Discovery Canyon the following week.

#3 - Harrison (8-0) (Last Week: #3)

Justin’s Take: 5 TD’s total for Orlando Westbrook and a 56-0 beatdown of Sierra and I still can’t put them ahead of Palmer Ridge! Harrison has done everything that the schedule will allow them to do and unfortunately the schedule does not get any harder the next two weeks. Harrison will have the opportunity to prove themselves in the playoffs.

#4 - Palisade (7-1) (Last Week: #5)

Justin’s Take: Palisade improves to 7-1 with the destruction of Eagle Valley 49-0. The schedule has eased over the past few weeks and Palisade has definitely taken advantage, scoring 140 points over that span allowing only 34.  Should have no problems finishing the season strong as the schedule sets up for an easy stroll into the playoffs.

#5 - Fort Morgan (7-1) (Last Week: #8)

Justin’s Take:  Welcome to the top 5 Fort Morgan!  A very disappointing loss for Discovery Canyon against unranked Lewis-Palmer clears the path for Fort Morgan who improves to 7-1 on the year and their first appearance in the top 5.

Next Five

#6-Pueblo East (6-2) (LW #9) #7-Frederick (7-1) (LW #10) #8-Thomas Jefferson (6-2) (LW #6) #9-Discovery Canyon (7-1) (LW #4) #10-Durango (5-3) (LW #7)

Class 3A Rankings - Joe

#1 - Erie (8-0) (Last Week: #1)

Joe’s Take: Noah Roper is the real deal and he is the type of player that can absolutely carry a team through the playoffs. As long as Erie has him they will be just fine.

#2 - Palmer Ridge (6-2) (Last Week: #2)

Joe’s Take: Palmer Ridge was not tested this week. The only teams that have tested them have beat them so I am a little nervous about this team going into the playoffs.

#3 - Harrison (8-0) (Last Week: #4)

Joe’s Take: You win and you’re in. Harrison and Discovery Canyon are too close of teams to justify keeping DC above Harrison. Orlando is playing well and they don’t seem to be slowing down.

#4 - Palisade (7-1) (Last Week: #5)

Joe’s Take: I really like this football team. They have a tough loss to a very good higher division team. Going into the playoffs any tough opponents won’t shock Palisade.

#5 - Pueblo East (6-2) (Last Week: #10)

Joe’s Take: I moved this team up high this week as other teams are proving they are easy to knock off. I think Pueblo East has the most talent and has shown good wins to compete with the best teams in this division.

Next Five

#6-Fort Morgan (7-1) (LW #NR) #7-Thomas Jefferson (6-2) (LW #8) #8-Discovery Canyon (7-1) (LW #3) #9-Holy Family (5-3) (LW #9) #10-Frederick (7-1) (LW #7)