EP. 11

Super Bowl Predictions

Tim Jenkins and the full Jenkins Elite team sat down to discuss Super Bowl LII. Predictions and who has the best squad was discussed and debated. In the end many want the Eagles to win, but the staff thinks the writing is on the wall. A consensus of the Patriots taking home a 6th trophy was reached. Check out the score predictions below:

  • Austin Apodaca: 38-35 Patriots
  • Justin Holland: 24-14 Patriots
  • Tim Jenkins: 31-10 Patriots
  • Joe Hansley: 27-21 Patriots

In an unseen turn of events the team deviated into the concussion protocol and how it is effecting the game today. Coach Jenkins puts forward a bold new rule in that could help the game stay safe and fair.

Finally the staff heats up in the debate for who is the greatest of all time. Many factors and arguments are thrown around. Justin Holland takes the stance of pure talent with a combination of winning history. While coach Hansley fires back stating that Tom Brady deserves the title, stating he makes everyone on the team better. What are your thoughts?

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