EP. 9

The Importance of Sports Performance

Tim Jenkins and Justin Holland sat down with 30-year sports performance director Jon Ackerman and CSCS certified trainer Jordan Murphy to discuss the importance of sports performance.

In an industry filled with false information and misinformed trainers, our guests were able to shed some much-needed light on the topic.

Coach Jon Ackerman gave us the rundown on what exactly high school athletes need to be doing right now. It’s not enough anymore to wait until you get in the weight room with your team. Year-round programs are the new go to.

Diet is another very important factor when it comes to sports performance. Coach Murphy lays out exactly what an athlete needs on a daily basis. Getting better physically requires the proper fuel.

“If your an athlete you need to take the weight room seriously, gone are the days of just being better than someone. You have to be better, work harder, and train better. We can help you achieve your goals!” – Jon Ackerman

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