Play & Video Breakdown, Y Slide X Heaven, 2018 LA Rams

Improve your functional football IQ with this week's play & video breakdown of Y Slide X Heaven and the live look at the 2018 Los Angeles Rams Offense running it.

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We are back again for Football Talk Friday #10! This week we are breaking down Dump Right Naked Left Y Slide X Heaven, and we are watching the 2018 LA Rams run this against the Minnesota Vikings in week 4.

Dump Right Naked Left Y Slide X Heaven is a great Pure Progression play. In this pure progression read, the quarterback will start by selling a hard play-action fake. He will then boot and check the X on the heaven route. If the heaven route is not there he will work to the Z on the over route. The only coaching point on this play is if the slide route is open right away then he will take that first.

The Los Angeles Rams ran this concept in week 4 against the Minnesota Vikings. Jared Goff completed the Y slide for a 14 yard gain and a first down.

Make sure to follow along in order to pick up all the details and master this pro-style passing play.

Check out the video breakdown below for all of the details, and don’t forget you can also download a PDF copy of the play by clicking on the PDF Download link!

  • Situation: N/A
  • PDF Play Download
    • Formation: (11) Dump Right (Left)
    • Protection: Naked Left (Right)
    • Play: Y Slide X Heaven


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