Jenkins Elite - NFL Personnel Testimonials

“Jenkins Elite prepared me for one of the biggest job interviews in my career. I worked with them throughout the draft process and entered the NFL ready to compete for a job. They have a great group of coaches to learn from. Tim and the whole Jenkins Elite staff made sure we were taken care of and ready to work every single day.”

— Phillip Walker
NFL QB, Carolina Panthers

Quarterback and Wide Receiver Training

“Jenkins Elite is without question our go-to place to prepare college athletes for the next level. From evaluating and identifying areas in need of improvement; to implementing a customized plan for each player to address those needs; from mechanics to football intelligence; Tim and his staff have always hit the target.”

Paul Sheehy
NFL Agent, Pro Star Sports Agency

“It was a tremendous opportunity to work with Jenkins Elite in College and during NFL Draft Prep. Coach Jenkins and the staff changed my mind and changed the way I viewed the Quarterback position. They helped me create the proper passing biomechanics and footwork needed to succeed in the National Football League. I’m forever thankful.”

Luis Perez
NFL QB, Los Angeles Rams

“Jenkins Elite was instrumental in my development into an NFL Quarterback. Coming from a division 3 school you are often times overlooked, Tim and the staff helped me ensure that I would be noticed by scouts. From NFL level footwork, to film study, board sessions, and biomechanics, Jenkins Elite helped me get to the NFL.”

— Alex Snyder
NFL QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Quarterback and Wide Receiver Training

“Coming from a relatively small football program at Fort Lewis, Tim might have been somewhat overwhelmed by the NFL experience. He was not… He put in the time needed to gain mastery over a very difficult offense. Tim brings the same discipline and commitment to his athletes that I observed in him as a player.”

— Frank Cignetti Jr.
NFL QB Coach, Green Bay Packers

“Jenkins Elite helped prepare me for the NFL level. I worked with them throughout the NFL Draft process and they helped me not only with my route running and pass catching ability, but with my overall football intelligence. Jenkins Elite was a key component in my NFL development.”

— Larry Clark
NFL WR, Arizona Cardinals

Jenkins Elite - CFL Player Testimonials

“The Jenkins Elite team did so much for me in the months leading up to my mini camp and training camp. The staff has attention to detail and knowledge that can’t be beat anywhere else. My footwork was sharpened and my throwing mechanics were cleaned up but most of all, you learn how to carry yourself like a pro in all aspects of the game.”

Isaac Harker
CFL QB, Saskatchewan Roughriders

“Jenkins Elite transformed me from a good QB to a professional caliber QB. Not only were they able to fix my mechanics, they also gave me a mental advantage with the vast knowledge of football from top tier coaches! I can honestly say I would not be where I am without Tim Jenkins and his staff.”

— Grant Kraemer
CFL QB, BC Lions

Jenkins Elite - Player Testimonials

Alex Padilla

“Jenkins Elite has helped me become not only the player I am today but the man I am today. Tim and the rest of the coaches have taught me countless things on the field to refine my technique as well as valuable life lessons off the field. I would not be a Division 1 Quarterback today without Jenkins Elite.”

Alex Padilla
Division 1 QB, University of Iowa

Denver Quarterback Training: Ty Evans

“Jenkins Elite is what turned me from an average quarterback with raw talent into a refined player. I wouldn’t have been an Elite 11 or Division 1 Quarterback without Tim and his staff. Jenkins Elite helped me get my footwork, biomechanics, and functional football intelligence to the next level.”

— Ty Evans
Division 1 QB, North Carolina State

“Training with Jenkins Elite since I was in middle school was one of the best decisions I could have made for my future as a Quarterback. They have been there for me every step of the way, from footwork, to throwing mechanics, and recruiting. I would not be the QB I am today without them.”

Luke McAllister
Division 1 QB, Colorado State University

“I’ve been working with Jenkins Elite for as long as I can remember and honestly I wouldn’t be half the player I am today without them. The atmosphere is always positive and there’s always so much learning going on with the receivers. Coach Hansley has been in the position we all aspire to be in and he does a great job of teaching kids. I would not be a division 1 receiver without Jenkins Elite.”

Eric Hommel
Division 1 WR, Kansas State

“At my time with Jenkins Elite they have given me the tools to be successful, not only with the mental aspect of the game but also the physical part of the game. Jenkins Elite has helped me tremendously with recruiting. The staff is a great group of guys that will do whatever it takes to get you where you want to be.”

— Brayden Dorman
Division 1 QB Prospect, Class of 2023

“Jenkins Elite has really helped me work on my craft. It’s the best coaching you can get because of the attention to detail on all the intricacies of playing wide receiver. You’re always learning from coaches who have been to the next level so you are constantly getting an edge on your competition. You’re going to get a head start on College and develop traits for the next level.”

— Marcus Miller
Division 1 WR, Harvard University

Jenkins Elite - Parent Testimonials

“From fundamentals to a high level understanding of the game, we feel our son, Brayden, is a much better QB because of his years training with Tim and everyone at Jenkins Elite. Which along with their recruiting help, I believe have all directly contributed to Brayden’s current D1 offers. We’ve been very pleased with Jenkins Elite.”

Todd Dorman
Parent, Brayden Dorman

“Jenkins Elite has been instrumental in Luke’s development as a QB and as a young man. The Jenkins team provided obvious value in every aspect of Luke’s skillset including footwork, arm motion, velocity, precision, and depth. Moreover, Tim has equipped Luke with advanced knowledge to read defenses in an academic setting and then honed his ability to regurgitate that knowledge to college coaches. This knowledge translated to dissecting defenses on game days. The Jenkins team went beyond the QB development and poured into Luke’s development as a young man. They partnered with me to speak into his life decisions. They gave wise counsel around social interactions, college choices, and long-term strategies.”

— Mark McAllister
Parent, Luke McAllister

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