Los Angeles Chargers Passing Game

Football Talk Friday #18 - Cat Z Mag, 2018 LA Chargers Offensive Plays

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We are back again for Football Talk Friday #18! This week we are breaking down a great 2 shell 3 shell PSL Down Field Play. We have Philip Rivers dropping a dime on the Mag route and demonstrating great pocket awareness and pocket movement. Double Left Back Gun Yo Ace Left Token Cat Z Mag is a perfect PSL play to add to all playbooks. In addition to breaking down the play, we will watch the 2018 LA Chargers execute it to perfection.

Make sure to follow along in order to pick up all the details, and master this pro-style downfield concept.

Check out the video breakdown below for all of the details, and remember you can also download a PDF copy of the play by clicking on the PDF Download link!

  • Situation: N/A
  • PDF Play Download
    • Formation: (11) Double Left (Right) Back Gun Yo
    • Protection: Ace Left (Right) Token
    • Play: Cat Z Mag


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