New Orleans Saints Red Zone Play

Football Talk Friday #13 - X Mag, 2018 New Orleans Saints Offensive Plays.

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We are back again for Football Talk Friday #13! This week we are breaking down a long play call, Z Skip Dade Right Classy Shotgun Archie Right X Mag, whew that is a beast. In addition to breaking down the play we will also watch the 2018 New Orleans Saints run this against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 1.

Z Skip Dade Right Classy Shotgun Archie Right X Mag is one of the best red zone plays I have seen the Saints run this season. It is a pure progression play where the Quarterback starts by looking at the F on the pivot route, then working to the X on the mag route before getting to the running back on the check-down HOB.

The New Orleans Saints ran this concept on a key third down against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers deep in the red zone. You will see Tampa come out in an all linebacker blitz, cover 0 look. Drew Brees completed the Mag Route for a 5-yard touchdown.

Make sure to follow along in order to pick up all the details, and master this pro-style red zone concept.

Check out the video breakdown below for all of the details, and don’t forget you can also download a PDF copy of the play by clicking on the PDF Download link!

  • Situation: N/A
  • PDF Play Download
    • Formation: (11) Z Skip Dade Right (Left) Classy Shotgun
    • Protection: Archie Right (Left)
    • Play: X Mag


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