Maverick Reed is the Chief of Staff for Jenkins Elite. Maverick began his career at Jenkins Elite in 2015 as a part-time Quarterback coach.

Maverick quickly distinguished himself as an innovator and helped Jenkins Elite grow from a single Quarterback in 2013 to a Sports Conglomerate firm that has multiple verticals including, Quarterback Training, Wide Receiver Training, Line Training, Sports Leagues, Sports Tournaments, Online Training, and Football Camps.

Now in 2019, Jenkins Elite has grown to become one of the country’s top 100 Sports Training Firms.

Maverick continues to improve all things encompassing Jenkins Elite on a day to day basis through his operational and marketing roles.

Maverick is also the Vice President of the Jenkins Elite Foundation, a non-profit that was created to help promote youth football.

Maverick enjoys exploring the world through travel and food.

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