Podcast: Season 2 Episode 3: Games of the Week and Eaglecrest Coaching Controversy with Special Guest Lindsey Smith

Lindsey Smith joins the Jenkins Elite Crew to discuss games of the week, the controversy surrounding Eagle crests EX head coach, and thighs. As always the cast sheds a completely different light than any other news media can, and they don’t hold back with their opinions this week. We hope you enjoy!

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This Weeks Breakdown

    1. 5A: GOTW: #6 Fairview (2-0) VS ThunderRidge (2-0)
      1. Fairview comes into week 3 looking good. Junior QB Aidan Atkinson is picking up right where he left off last season with an impressive 10 touchdowns through 2 games.
      2. Thunder Ridge is beginning to look like a Grizzly team of old. Coach Nissenson is getting those boys juiced ready to go. Senior RB Spencer Lambert is firing on all cylinders with 4 TDs in just two games. Here’s an interesting stat, the Grizzlies have outscored their opponents 92 to 12.
      3. Location & Time: Thursday at Shea Stadium and 7 pm

    1. 5A: #1 Cherry Creek (2-0) V #10 Mullen (2-0)
      1. Cherry Creek is back from California and they show no signs of slowing down. Senior QB Alex Padilla leads the charge for the Bruins with an overall 145 QB rating. Coach Logan is going to have these boys ready to play.
      2. Another team that is starting to look like their old selves again is Mullen. We can credit that to 1st-year coach Vincent White. He is starting to use the multitude of weapons he has over there, first and foremost being Damien Cearns, 3 total TD’s on the season (More than that, it looks like stats aren’t updated yet) and Senior QB Dom DePizzol slinging the rock around the field.
      3. Location & Time: Friday at Stutler Bowl at 7 pm

    1. 5A: #2 Valor Christian (2-0) V #3 Pomona (2-0)
      1. Valor Christian comes into week 3 looking more than human, a tight game with Ponderosa in week 2 is making the state question if they are the same powerhouse from years past. One thing is certain, Coach McCaffery is going to have his boys ready to play their first 5a competition in Pomona.
      2. Let’s talk about an underrated team real quick. No one thought Pomona was going to bounce back this year after losing a whole team of stars, Ryan Marquez, Max Borgi to name just a few. It looks like they haven’t skipped a beat, credit longtime head coach Jay Madden for that.
      3. Location and Time: Friday at Valor Stadium at 7 pm.

    1. 4A: #1 Pine Creek (2-0) V Doherty (0-2)
      1. It seems like we will be talking about these guys all season long, and for good reason. Pine Creek is rolling and I don’t think they are gonna make a stop at the station. Senior QB Gavin Herberg doesn’t look human, go ahead and call him Robo QB, 254 yards, 4 TD’s and 0 Ints, this kid is good. Coach Todd Miller knows how to make a winning team and this year he might have the best team he’s ever had.
      2. Doherty is coming into this game hungry. After a tough opening schedule, first cherry creek and then mullen, the Spartans are looking to take out some frustration and this just might be their week against a 4a squad. Senior QB Brandon Becker is going to have his guys ready for a fight this week so watch out.
      3. Location and Time: Friday at D11 at 7 pm

    1. 4A: #3 Windsor (1-0) V Ponderosa (0-2)
      1. Windsor is always a team you have to be careful with. That old-school wing T can give you problems if you aren’t ready for it. Senior QB Chase Lankriet is at the helm for the wizards and after a win in week one he’s feeling pretty good.
      2. Ponderosa comes into the game 0-2 but don’t let their record fool you, this is a pretty good team. After playing Valor in a close one in week 2 the Mustangs are looking to bounce back and get their first win of the season. Senior QB Dylan Hollowell just might be ready to go this week after suffering a wrist injury from week 1.
      3. Location and Time: Friday at Echo Park at 7 pm

    1. 3A: #2 Palmer Ridge (1-1) V #3 Pueblo East (2-0)
      1. The Bears are looking less like Bad News and more like the championship team from last year. Coming off a strong 70-35 win against Canon city and led by Senior QB Ty Evans, Palmer Ridge seems to be every bit of the team we thought they were.
      2. Another championship team is looking to knock the Bears off from there throne this week. Pueblo East is rolling with a 2-0 record and looking to continue their dominance in the 3a division. Senior QB Luc Andrada has the Eagles soaring, and check this out, 8 TD’s through 2 games.
      3. Location and Time: Friday at district 38 at 7 pm.

    1. 1A/2A: #8 Bennett (1-0) V #1 Strasburg (2-0)
      1. Strasburg comes into the game with a strong 2-0 start and they look to keep it rolling against #8 Bennet.
      2. Bennet has a stable of RB’s that are all a threat, 3 of which all have 2 TD’s after only one game.
      3. Location and Time: Friday Bennet stadium at 7 pm

  1. 3A: Harrison (1-0) V Glenwood Springs (0-1)
    1. Harrison looks to make some noise this year on the back of Senior QB Orlando Westbrook. They come into the game with a 1-0 start and Westbrook accounting for 4 total TD’s in one week.
    2. Glenwood Springs is on the flipside of this match-up starting off 0-1 in a not so distant loss to a good Holy Family team. Not much else to say about the demons here, no stats have been reported yet so we’ll have to watch what they do this week.
    3. Location and Time: Friday at Harrison at 7 pm