Podcast: Season 2 Episode 4: Games of the Week and Jenkins Elite Power Rankings

The Jenkins Elite Crew discusses games of the week, and Tim, Justin, and Joe give us their Jenkins Elite Power Rankings after 3 full weeks of games. Our cast gives you raw, honest feedback that no other source of sport media can. We hope you enjoy!

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This Weeks Breakdown

  1. 5A: GOTW: Cherry Creek (3-0) at Pomona (2-1)
    1. Cherry Creek comes into this matchup on a 3-0 high. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know if any team is going to be able to slow down the Bruins this year. Too many stars on the field.
    2. Pomona is coming off a tough loss from last week against the Valor Eagles. Playcalling was the Panthers Achilles heel, and I am looking to Jay Madden to correct that this week and give Creek a run for its money.
    3. Location & Time: Thursday, 7 pm at the NAAC

  1. 5A/4A: Pine Creek (3-0) at Valor Christian (3-0)
    1. Another team that is absolutely rolling, Pine Creek. This will be a one to watch closely, they are playing up a division into the 5A ranks. Not only that, they are taking on the perennial powerhouse Valor Christian Eagles. As we all know, Valor isn’t the same team that they have been in the past.
    2. Valor is 3-0 after barely squeaking out of a close 14-6 win against Pomona last week. Hopefully, Eddy Mac will have the boys ready to go for this one because if not, Pine Creek might just run away with this one.
    3. Location & Time: Friday, 7 pm at Valor Stadium

    1. 5A/4A: Ralston Valley (3-0) at Loveland (2-0)
      1. Another 3-0 powerhouse, Ralston Valley, comes into the week sitting pretty. The Mustangs are led by senior RB Brad Roberts, 5 TD’s on the season so far.
      2. Don’t think that this will be an easy one though, Loveland comes into the game undefeated as well. The Indians are banking on Senior RB Zach Weinmaster to lead them to another victory. Quick stat for everyone, 4 TD’s in one game for the big guy.
      3. Location and Time: Thursday, 6:30 pm at Ray Patterson Stadium

  1. 4A: Skyline (2-0) at Brighton (2-1)
    1. Skyline is looking to add another notch to their belt this week and get to 3-0. The Falcons will rely on their two weapons, Sophomore QB Chase Silva, 3 TDs and a 141 QBR and Senior RB Jeremy Hollingsworth, 5 TDs and 371 through 2 games.
    2. Brighton is coming in as a hungry underdog, hungry bulldog that is. Led by Senior QB Robbie Coffin, who is having a pretty good year so far raking up 6 TDs. Zach McCormack is another guy you have to watch out for, he has caught 4 out of Robbie’s 6 TDs this year.
    3. Location and Time: Friday, 7 pm at Brighton High School

  1. 3A: Pueblo East (3-0) at Pueblo West (2-1)
    1. Huge win last week for Pueblo East as they unseat last years champs Plamer Ridge. Luc Andrada man, he’s a stud. 10 TDs this year.  It’ll be exciting to see how many he can put up this week.
    2. Pueblo West wants this one bad. This is a true hometown rivalry game, and the Cyclones are looking to take it home this year. They are going to look to Senior RB Jyle Jameson to carry the load this week. He’s coming into the week with 5 total TDs.
    3. Location and Time: Friday, 7 pm at Cyclone Stadium (PWHS)

  1. 3A: Harrison (2-0) at Pueblo Centennial (2-0)
    1. Orlando Westbrook has the Panthers rolling man. 6 total TDs, 491 yards through the air and a 107 QBR. They are looking to continue the streak and get to 3-0.
    2. 2-0 Pueblo Centennial is looking dangerous. They have a nasty rushing attack bolstered by 4 RBs that all have at least two TDs apiece. They are looking to knock the Panthers off and get to 3-0.
    3. Location and Time: Friday, 7 pm at Pueblo Centennial High School

  1. 2A/3A: Bayfield (3-0) at Durango (1-2)
    1. Bayfield is on the hunt for 4-0. Senior QB Hayden Farmer and Senior RB David Dawkins have the Wolverines locked in and ready to take it to the Demons this week.
    2. The Demons are looking for a bounce-back game this week. Two tight tough loses in a row have to have the demons feeling hot under the collar. They are going to rely on Sophomore QB Jordan Woolverton to get things done this week.
    3. Location and Time: Friday, 7 pm at Durango High School

  1. 2A: Kent Denver (2-0) at La Junta (3-0)
    1. The Sun Devils are off to a hot start this year, 2-0. Led by Senior QB Joey Licht with a whopping 135 QBR and 3 TDs through 2 games, Kent Denver is looking to make it 3-0.
    2. La Junta has their own rainmaker in Senior QB Jon Nuschy. With a total of 5 TDs through the air and 4 on the ground, the Tigers are feeling confident that he can get it done.
    3. Location and Time: Friday, 7 pm at La Junta  High School