Denver, Colorado:

Jenkins Elite is proud to announce our very own Elite Development camp circuit… The Tour.

The Tour is an Elite development camp dedicated to bringing the nations best QB and WR specialists to as many athletes as possible.

The Tour’s Mission:

Jenkins Elite provides World Class Athletic Development. In the past 2 years, Jenkins Elite has guided 4 Quarterbacks & 3 Wide Receivers to the NFL. Jenkins Elite also trains the #2 Quarterback in the country for the Class of 2019, Ty Evans. Enter The Tour, the same Elite Level High Production Training is coming to your backyard.

“The reason for the tour is very simple, development has taken a back seat. Our staff has watched as countless position specific camps have popped up all around the country, and many of them just don’t value actual development. Our goal is to change that thinking. Less flash and more substance.” – Tim Jenkins, Founder of Jenkins Elite

With a common goal, the Jenkins Elite staff are set on taking the same Elite-level development that has put 3 QB’s and 3 WR’s in the NFL, to three special cities.

The Tour Stops:

The Tour will be making stops in Dallas, L.A., and The Bay Area. Being available to as many QB’s and WR’s is a huge goal and with these three centralized cities, a massive amount of athletes will be able to attend, learn, and bring back valuable skills to their teams. We want to arm these young athletes with knowledge and skills to go and dominate on their teams this fall.

High Octane Training:

Every camp will feature the same go-fast learn fast mentality that Jenkins Elite implements in its Colorado-based QB and WR factory. Football is a very fast game, our athletes need to learn and adapt on the fly. With a combined 6 total hours of on-field training in two days, The Tour camps will combine high-intensity environments with cutting edge methodologies. Our campers will receive the same high-level treatment that our NFL  QB’s and WR’s receive.

Camp Dates:

The Bay Area, California:

The Tour kicks off in the beautiful Bay Area in San Fransico. Join us June 8th – 9th.

Dallas, Texas:

The next stop on The Tour is in the Lone Star State. Join us June 15th – 16th.

Los Angeles, California:

The Tour’s last stop is sunny L.A. Join us June 22nd – 23rd.


How to Sign Up:

Sign up is easy, just click on the stop that you want to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!