All Things Quarterback - Blog Introduction

Why Now and why All Things Quarterback is the most important blog you will read.

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Quarterback is the most polarizing position in sports. I blame the NFL. The NFL has become so extremely popular, it feels like everyone watches it. With that everyone has become an expert. With one episode of NFL Live under their belt everyone is ready to coach Quarterbacks. You have to take the great with the terrible. It’s great because more people are enjoying the game of football than ever before, it is terrible because if you don’t know which foot should be crossing over the other or if you teach your kid to karaoke step during his drop, you my friend are the problem.

Thus, this blog is born today. Here I will discuss proper techniques, so the dads (& moms) who are DIY kings and queens of training your kids can teach them the right thing. I will also discuss tips, for those of you Quarterbacks out there who have traits you are struggling with and need a tip on how to throw a more consistent spiral, how to get the ball out quicker, and everything in between. With drills, tips, techniques, fundamentals, and coverage breakdowns this blog is a no-brainer for quarterbacks and their families.

All Things Quarterback is for more than just quarterbacks. We will be discussing defense and coverage breakdowns. We will be taking a deep dive into offensive schemes so coaches can bring their offense into the 21st century. Quite frankly, if this blog helps rid the wishbone from youth football I would count that as the biggest win for Quarterbacks since 1907. That was when Pop Warner decided the Carlisle Indian Industrial School should throw it 16 times against University of Penn and took them down 26-6 while outgaining Penn 402 yards to 76. Somehow though when you head to the football field at the lower levels it still feels like 1906 before all that went down.

In all seriousness, I hope this blog helps you get better, get on track, pushes you to learn, to question, and continue to love the game of football more and more no matter your relationship with it. Whether you are a coach, a parent, a player, a football fanatic, come one, come all, and most of all I hope you enjoy!