5-2-5 Drill, QB Footwork Drill

The best Quarterback Footwork Drill to use pre-practice to warm up and focus on all aspects of your drop.

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Here we go, Technique Tuesday #07! This week we are bringing you the 5-2-5 QB Footwork Drill.

This drill is designed to help increase every aspect of our drop and is a great pre-practice or individual time drill for Quarterbacks to do.

There are a few key aspects of your drop that will be worked using the 5-2-5 drill. First, you will focus on your push step. By focusing on our push step we will generate a deeper drop which is something all Quarterbacks who play under center need to do. We will also be working our balance during this drill. By having to balance before we push on our next round of drops we focus on balance and the ability to shift and feel our weight from rep to rep.

Check out the video below for all the details!


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