Parker, CO

Brady Vodicka and Dominic Cordray. Two names you will be hearing a lot in about 4 years. The dynamic duo has been playing together for 3 years already and plans to stay on the same team until College. Who knows, some lucky college might just get a package deal.

“Brady and Dominic are such a fun pair to watch. Two young athletes that are so driven is a special thing to see. Not a lot of guys their age approach the game like they do. Focused, determined, and deticated to getting better every rep. I feel bad for the defenses that come up against them, and I really can’t wait to see where their careers take them” – Tim Jenkins

Over the Summer, while training with Jenkins Elite, the boys enrolled in a national camp circuit. The O-D camp is a nationwide and highly recognized position specific camp that has touched countless College and NFL athletes over a 50-year span. They are known for being able to spot special talent. And they knew exactly what they were looking at when Brady and Dom hit the field.

After it was all said and done, Brady ranked in at 3rd overall and Dominic ranked in at 12th overall for the 5th-6th division. Not only that but only one other Colorado native made the list. The boys plan to make a big splash in the next few years and show everyone why Colorado can’t keep getting overlooked.

Check out Brady and Dominic on the Top #20 Nationwide List
O-D Top Athlete List
Brady Vodicka and Dominic Cordray
Brady Vodicka
Dominic Cordray

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