Burn It Up 5 Plant Drop, Pro-Style Quarterback Drop

The drop needed for in-between routes: deeper than quick game, but before true downfield routes. Hit your 9 stops and ship routes on rhythm.

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Here we go, Technique Tuesday #08! This week we are bringing you a true fundamental of the QB game, the Burn It Up 5 Drop.

This drop is all about hitting those in-between routes with precision and timing.

This drop is critical to master for quarterbacks of all ages and ability levels. Here’s why as a Quarterback, you need to be able to play under center. Whether your current team aligns under center or not, playing quarterback from under center will never fully disappear. With that being said, you need a drop that will create enough depth, while also timing up your feet to hit modified quick game routes in rhythm. The Burn-It-Up-5-Plant will help you achieve just that.

Check out the video below for all the details!


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