Week 5 Power Rankings:

Week #4 has come and gone and there were not a lack of awesome games. Cherry Creek is still rolling in the #1 position for the whole staff, Pine Creek falls to number two. 3A is where things start to diverge within the staff.

This is shaping up to be another great week of CO PREP football, be sure to stay tuned.

Week 5 Power Rankings:

Class 5A Rankings - Tim

#1 - Cherry Creek (4-0)

Tim’s Take: With Cherry Creek’s thrilling win against Pomona we learned a few things. Cherry Creek is not as invincible as we thought, and Pomona is a lot better than I had predicted. I think Creek rolls throughout the rest of the season but they need to stay aggressive week to week.

#2 - Valor Christian (4-0)

Tim’s Take: Well, I am humble enough to admit when I am wrong. I was wrong about this Valor team, I thought they were simply above average. They proved last week against a good Pine Creek team that they are here to be taken seriously this season.

#3 - Columbine (4-0)

Tim’s Take: Columbine absolutely rolled Highlands Ranch this week. It taught us that Andy has them clicking on all cylinders.

#4 - ThunderRidge (4-0)

Tim’s Take: Another big win for the Grizzlies this week taking down a good Horizon team 41-20. Coach Doug Nisenson has them ready to continue to make a statement each week.

#5 - Arvada West (4-0)

Tim’s Take: Arvada West continues to roll this year. This time they beat Wheat Ridge 40-0. Arvada West will be tested down the stretch but I predict the Wildcats will play everyone extremely tough!

Next Five

#6-Grandview (4-0) #7-Fairview (3-1) #8-Mullen (3-1) #9-Cherokee Trail (4-0) #10-Pomona (2-2)

Class 5A Rankings - Justin

#1 - Cherry Creek (4-0)

Justin’s Take: In a thrilling game against a desperate opponent Cherry Creek found a way to win behind great leadership from senior quarterback, Alex Padilla. Coming off a loss to Valor, Pomona made a change at quarterback that added some life to an offense that struggled to score the ball Vs. Valor. Losing late in the 4th quarter, Cherry Creek rallied behind their Quarterback that showed the composure you would expect from a power 5 prospect.

#2 - Valor Christian (4-0)

Justin’s Take: Another impressive win for Valor Christian. Off to a great start under first year head coach Ed McCaffery, it is officially time to give this team the respect it deserves. Valor has challenged itself with one of the toughest schedules a team could make and continues to get better. Maybe it’s not a forgone conclusion that Cherry Creek will walk a way with this year’s state title.

#3 - Columbine (4-0)

Justin’s Take: Moving up one spot and right into the conversation for the states top spot is another one of the states most consistent programs. Columbine has been dominant early on and even more so against a Highlands Ranch team that should be able to compete with anyone. That wasn’t the case here as Columbine ran them right off the field.

#4 - Smoky Hill (4-0)

Justin’s Take: Through 4 games this defense has allowed 6 points total! With reinforcements on the way after a few kids become eligible after transferring, we know that Tom Thenell will have this offense firing on all cylinders come playoff time.

#5 - Eaglecrest (4-0)

Justin’s Take: After Ralston Valley lost this week to 4A number 1 Loveland we have a new entry into the top 5 and it is Eaglecrest. Last year’s state runner-up has had to deal with all kinds of off the field issues, including two head coaching changes, but has continued to play excellent football on the field.

Next Five

#6-Grandview (4-0) #7-Ralston Valley (3-1) #8-Arvada West (4-0) #9-ThunderRidge (4-0) #10-Pomona (2-2)

Class 5A Rankings - Joe

#1 - Cherry Creek (4-0)

Joe’s Take: This team was finally tested in a close game against a good Pomona football team. Showed they could handle a little adversity, and earned the number 1 spot this week yet again.

#2 - Valor Christian (4-0)

Joe’s Take: This week Valor was able to flex their muscles and prove that they must be taken seriously as a true contender. They were able to take down a very good Pine Creek football team, and are beginning to find an identity going into the heart of their season.

#3 - Columbine (4-0)

Joe’s Take: Consistency is key in order to put together a winning season, and Columbine is on a straight path. They dominated a very capable Highlands Ranch football team keeping them at number 3. Columbine is looking good right now and ready to make another run at a state title.

#4 - Arvada West (4-0)

Joe’s Take: This team earns this ranking right now, however they will be tested coming down the back end of the season. They have won with impressive performances, and I believe they will continue to prove they belong in the conversation too make a run.

#5 - Pomona (2-2)

Joe’s Take:  Call me hypocritical, I know Pomona has lost two games and others are undefeated, but this team showed they would handle any of the other undefeated teams smoothly. I give Cherry Creek a lot of respect and the ability to play them the way Pomona did deserves acknowledgment. This team is in my top 5 because I truly believe they would beat any of the other undefeated teams left.

Next Five

#6-ThunderRidge (4-0) #7-Eaglecrest (4-0) #8-Smoky Hill (4-0) #9-Grandview (4-0) #10-Ralston Valley (3-1)

Class 4A Rankings - Tim

#1 - Loveland (3-0)

Tim’s Take:  Loveland moves up and takes the number one spot in 4A. Loveland took down Ralston Valley who is a great 5A team. Loveland looked impressive and is backing up everything we heard from coaches this off-season!

#2 - Pine Creek (3-1)

Tim’s Take:  I have a hard time dropping Pine Creek any more than one spot. It is a shame to penalize a team for taking on arguably one of the best teams in the state in a higher classification. I love the mindset Pine Creek has and I can’t wait to watch them bounce back!

#3 - Skyline (3-0)

Tim’s Take: We learned a ton about this Skyline team this week. They beat a good Brighton team 41-17 and they have not played a close game all year. Look for this team to continue to make noise the rest of the season.

#4 - Heritage (3-0)

Tim’s Take: Led by Junior Quarterback Conner Cummiskey the Eagles are rolling this season. Wins matter and this team has blown everyone out. Coach Tyler Johnson has this team primed and ready to make a run the rest of the season.

#5 - Montrose (3-0)

Tim’s Take: Montrose is a tough one to rank for me. They are limited geographically to who they can play so while their schedule is not as tough as some of the other teams they have won and winning matters!

Next Five

#6-Broomfield (2-1) #7-Fruita Monument (2-1) #8-Chatfield (3-1) #9-Pueblo West (3-1) #10-Ponderosa (1-2)

Class 4A Rankings - Justin

#1 - Loveland (3-0)

Justin’s Take: Great win this week over a very difficult 5A opponent in Ralston Valley solidifies Loveland as the lone number one this week. With very few challenges left on the schedule I will no longer be picking against my preseason favorite to win it all!

#1 - Pine Creek (3-1)

Justin’s Take: Sliding one spot down in the rankings to number two this week after a loss to 5A opponent Valor Christian. Still believe that long term this team will benefit from the challenges faced in a tough early schedule that will better harden them for the playoffs.

#3 - Broomfield (2-1)

Justin’s Take: Bye weeks tell us nothing but there was little reason for me to move someone in front of this team.

#4 - Longmont (2-1)

Justin’s Take: Bouncing back after an early loss to Pueblo East with two convincing victories. Sets up a showdown with rival Skyline next week, winner vaults themselves into the conversation with the top three in the class. Loser is probably out of the top 5.

#5 - Skyline (3-0)

Justin’s Take: Dominating performance against Brighton this week to go along with a Chatfield loss and we have a new number 5. Winnable games on the schedule remain until a date with class 4A number one Loveland to end the season.

Next Five

#6-Ponderosa (1-2) #7-Montrose (3-0) #8-Rampart (3-1) #9-Heritage (3-0) #10-Chatfield (3-1)

Class 4A Rankings - Joe

#1 - Loveland (3-0)

Joe’s Take: Anytime you can go up a class and win a football game deserves respect, even more so against a very good Ralston Valley football team. Loveland has proven they are for real.

#2 - Pine Creek (3-1)

Joe’s Take: Losing this week did not help the case for Pine Creek as the second best team in the state, however they played a very good Valor football team relatively close. I still like Pine Creek to make a deep run at a state title.

#3 - Skyline (3-0)

Joe’s Take: I like how skyline made noticeable adjustments for the team they were playing. Dominating brighten by executing a winning scheme is something good football teams do late in the season. I like Skyline to continue to prove they are the real deal.

#4 - Broomfield (2-1)

Joe’s Take: Didn’t help themselves, didn’t hurt themselves with the bye week. No lower team impressed enough to jump Broomfield, we will see how they look coming back from a week off.

#5 - Longmont (2-1)

Joe’s Take: This team is starting to find their stride, and again call my hypocritical, but I think they would easily handle an undefeated Montrose football team and thats why they jumped them this week. Next week will tell us a lot as they matchup with Skyline. Winner will keep themselves in the conversation while the other will likely drop. I think senior leadership is key for Longmont moving forward.

Next Five

#6-Montrose (3-0) #7-Ponderosa (1-2) #8-Chatfield (3-1) #9-Rampart (3-1) #10-Pueblo West (3-1)

Class 3A Rankings - Tim

#1 - Palmer Ridge (2-2)

Tim’s Take:  Well I think it is safe to say Palmer Ridge is back and rolling. With a 63-0 win this week the Bears look like the team that ran to a state title last year. Coach Pulford has the team back and locked in.

#2 - Erie (3-0)

Tim’s Take:  You just can’t keep this Erie team down in your rankings for long. They stay at 3-0 but this team led by Noah Roper is poised to make another state title run.

#3 - Harrison (3-0)

Tim’s Take: I am drinking the Orlando Westbrook kool aid after this win. Harrison shut out a good Pueblo Centennial team and scored 21 in the first half to climb in my rankings!

#4 - Pueblo East (3-1)

Tim’s Take: More or less it was an unlucky week for Pueblo East. They lost a close game to a good 4A Pueblo West team and dropped two spots. In reality this team will be in state title contention down the stretch. They just happened to lose on a week that Harrison had a good win.

#5 - Discovery Canyon (4-0)

Tim’s Take: This is my biggest shock of the week. Discovery Canyon had a huge win this week taking down Holy Family 52-34. They showed everyone in the state including myself that they are for real this year!

Next Five

#6-Palisade (3-0) #7-Durango (2-2) #8-Holy Family (2-1) #9-Thomas Jefferson (3-0) #10-George Washington (2-2)

Class 3A Rankings - Justin

#1 - Erie (3-0)

Justin’s Take: The schedule is not going to tell us much about Erie in comparison to the much tougher schedule of the other two contenders for the top spot but at least they keep winning. After a disappointing loss for Pueblo East to Pueblo West a week after taking the top spot shows they were not quite ready for prime time.

#2 - Pueblo East (3-1)

Justin’s Take: Obvious let down for a team coming off an all time high with their win over defending state champ Palmer Ridge. There is a true race in the 3A classification after early season predictions said it was Palmer Ridge and know one else.

#3 - Palmer Ridge (2-2)

Justin’s Take: Very predictable outcome this week, and I’m not saying that just because I did predict it! Palmer Ridge should be the favorite and has the talent and experience to repeat, but with two early losses they find themselves at number 3.

#4 - Harrison (3-0)

Justin’s Take: Solid win this week but not nearly enough to climb into contention into the top 3. With the lack of quality opponents on the schedule if Harrison wants to move up they will need to start putting some serious beat downs on the lesser competition.

#5 - Palisade (3-0)

Justin’s Take: Maybe the team that should have been in the top 5 all year but it’s easy to sleep on a team that isn’t very flashy. Consistently good tough football team and always well coached, watch out as they tend to get better throughout the season.

Next Five

#6-Durango (2-2) #7-Thomas Jefferson (3-0) #8-Discovery Canyon (4-0) #9-Holy Family (2-1) #10-Fort Morgan (2-1)

Class 3A Rankings - Joe

#1 - Erie (3-0)

Joe’s Take: This team deserves the number one spot because they have won when others have not, and I believe they have shown they would compete with the other teams competing for this top spot. If this team continues to win I like them to contend for a state title despite the likes other Palmer Ridge or Pueblo East.

#2 - Pueblo East (3-1)

Joe’s Take: Very disappointing to see this team lose after such a great win from the week before. They are still a legitimate contender down the stretch and should be able to handle their schedule moving forward.

#3 - Palmer Ridge (2-2)

Joe’s Take: I still like Palmer Ridge to win a state title, however they are not deserving of that top spot. It’s scary to think what this teams capable of if they tighten up and execute when it matters.

#4 - Discovery Canyon (4-0)

Joe’s Take: Winning four games to start the season is not easy, and this team looks poised to keep rolling. If they continue to take care of business, they could be a sleeper going into the state playoffs.

#5 - Thomas Jefferson (3-0)

Joe’s Take: I believe this is a legitimate top 5 team in 3A this year. They are continuing to win and proving they have some real talent and ability to compete. I like any team with athletes because they will always give themselves a chance to win.

Next Five

#6-Palisade (3-0) #7-Harrison (3-0) #8-Durango (2-2) #9-Holy Family (2-1) #10-Fort Morgan (2-1)