Week 7 Power Rankings:

This week was another crazy week for Colorado High School Football that had some truly great games. Eaglecrest knocks off Grandview in a thrilling game. Holy Family and their backup QB take down a great Skyline team and much more. Class 5A has some serious movement in teams 6-10 while 4A and 3A both stay pretty consistent. Check out below to see what our coaches think in this weeks Jenkins Elite Power Rankings:

Class 5A Rankings - Tim

#1 - Cherry Creek (6-0) (Last Week: #1)

Tim’s Take: A 45-0 win absolutely means you get to keep your spot. Dave Logan has the Bruins rolling through their schedule.

#2 - Valor Christian (6-0) (Last Week: #2)

Tim’s Take: Valor is the same as Cherry Creek. A 35-0 shutout win means the Eagles stay at two.

#3 - Columbine (6-0) (Last Week: #3)

Tim’s Take: Columbine absolutely rolled Mullen this week 42-13. Columbine looks like they could make an argument to be in the one or two spot and they have been dominant early on.

#4 - Eaglecrest (5-0) (Last Week: #5)

Tim’s Take: Eaglecrest jumps Cherokee Trail this week in my rankings. While I love what Cherokee Trail is doing I must say Eaglecrest’s win over Grandview is impressive. They deserved to move up.

#5 - Cherokee Trail (6-0) (Last Week: #4)

Tim’s Take: While you can only beat who is in front of you and that is exactly what Cherokee Trail did, I still have to reward Eaglecrest. This ranking will play itself out as the Cougars have a chance to make a statement win against the same Grandview team Eaglecrest knocked off.

Next Five

#6-ThunderRidge (5-1) (LW #7) #7-Grandview (5-1) (LW #6) #8-Fairview (5-1) (LW #8) #9-Ralston Valley (5-1) (LW #NR) #10-Pomona (4-2) (LW #NR)

Class 5A Rankings - Justin

#1 - Cherry Creek (6-0) (Last Week: #1)

Justin’s Take: Soft week for the teams at the top! 45-0 win over an Overland team that is 1-5 is not exactly blowing my skirt up, but it is what you are supposed to do as the number one team is the state. Unfortunately the soft schedule continues with a visit from Arapahoe this week.

#2 - Valor Christian (6-0) (Last Week: #2)

Justin’s Take: Soft week for the teams at the top! 35-0 win over Castleview is not exactly parade worthy either. When do we get to see the teams at the top play some tougher competition?

#3 - Columbine (6-0) (Last Week: #3)

Justin’s Take: Soft week for teams at the…okay this is getting ridiculous! 42-13 victory over Mullen, I guess it’s nice not to see a shutout. Worried these teams might fall asleep on their way to the playoffs!

#4 - Eaglecrest (6-0) (Last Week: #4)

Justin’s Take: Now we’re talking! Candidate for game of the year as Eaglecrest comes from behind to score a huge victory over Grandview 36-35! Can not exaggerate how big this win was as Tim picked Grandview to win, allowing me to gain on our season long pick’em standings!

#5 - Grandview (5-1) (Last Week: #5)

Justin’s Take: Now we’re talking! Candidate for game of the year as Eaglecrest comes from behind to score a huge victory over Grandview 36-35! Can not exaggerate how big this win was as Tim picked Grandview to win, allowing me to gain on our season long pick’em standings!

Next Five

#6-Smoky Hill (6-0) (LW #6) #7-Ralston Valley (5-1) (LW #7) #8-Pomona (4-2) (LW #8) #9-Cherokee Trail (6-0) (LW #9) #10-Fairview (5-1) (LW #10)

Class 5A Rankings - Joe

#1 - Cherry Creek (6-0) (Last Week: #1)

Joe’s Take: All things standard this week. Cherry Creek looks good and is taking care of business.

#2 - Valor Christian (6-0) (Last Week: #2)

Joe’s Take: Same routine for Valor. They were not challenged and they will not be challenged for the rest of there conference play. If they lose again, it will be because they beat themselves.

#3 - Columbine (6-0) (Last Week: #3)

Joe’s Take: Columbine did a job on a “talented” Mullen team this week. I am having a tough time continuing to give Mullen a break for being a bad team because they are talented. Beside the fact, Columbine was not challenged


#4 - Eaglecrest (6-0) (Last Week: #4)

Joe’s Take: I like this team more and more every week. I believe players win games and the best teams are lead by the locker room. Eaglecrest is playing for the boys and rolling.

#5 - Pomona (4-2) (Last Week: #6)

Joe’s Take: Pomona would beat any of the teams I have ranked below them. They have close losses to the two best teams in the state and have controlled otherwise.

Next Five

#6-Cherokee Trail (6-0) (LW #6) #7-Grandview (5-1) (LW #5) #8-Smoky Hill (6-0) (LW #9) #9-Ralston Valley (5-1) (LW #10) #10-ThunderRidge (5-1) (LW NR)

Class 4A Rankings - Tim

#1 - Loveland (5-0) (Last Week: #1)

Tim’s Take: An expected 42-7 win over Mountain View has Loveland maintaining the number one spot. Wayne McGinn has these guys locked in and rolling.

#2 - Pine Creek (4-1) (Last Week: #2)

Tim’s Take:  Pine Creek with a bye week at seemingly a perfect time. The Eagles with Gavin Herberg and coach Miller will be ready to roll this week.

#3 - Heritage (5-0) (Last Week: #3)

Tim’s Take: You can only beat who you get to play and coach Tyler Knoblock has the Eagles doing just that. They are rolling and it gives us a great matchup this week as they take on Montrose.

#4 - Montrose (5-0) (Last Week: #4)

Tim’s Take: Montrose proved me wrong in a huge win over Fruita Monument. Which leads us to a showdown against number three Heritage this week.

#5 - Broomfield (5-1) (Last Week: #5)

Tim’s Take: Broomfield had a solid win against Fort Collins this week. Led by coach Blair Hubbard I am a believer in the Eagles.

Next Five

#6-Longmont (4-1) (LW #6) #7-Ponderosa (3-2) (LW #8) #8-Greeley West (4-1) (LW #9) #9-Brighton (3-2) (LW #NR) #10-Skyline (3-2) (LW #7)

Class 4A Rankings - Justin

#1 - Loveland (5-0) (Last Week: #1)

Justin’s Take: Mountain View was predictably unable to provide any resistance for the 4A juggernaut. With Skyline losing for a second straight week it is easy to look at the rest of the schedule and wonder if a wet paper bag might provide more resistance than the teams that remain.

#2 - Pine Creek (4-1) (Last Week: #2)

Justin’s Take: Bye week for the Eagles, nothing changes this upcoming week as 1-4 Cheyenne Mountain is on the schedule. After a challenging early schedule, Pine Creek will have a tough time staying motivated coming down the stretch with only one team left on the schedule with a winning record.

#3 - Broomfield (4-1) (Last Week: #3)

Justin’s Take: Offense slowed down a little bit this week but another dominating performance from the defense. The schedule is back loaded with tough games against Greeley West, Brighton and Longmont to finish, Broomfield will need to take care of business the next two weeks and not get caught looking ahead.

#4 - Longmont (4-1) (Last Week: #4)

Justin’s Take: Another balanced and dominating performance from the boys in Longmont. Drake Engelking starred with 137 yards on the ground with 4 TD’s. Big game with Greeley West looms large this week.

#5 - Montrose (5-0) (Last Week: #7)

Justin’s Take: The battle of the undefeateds will have this spot up for grabs when Montrose goes on the road to take on Heritage. Possible game of the week prospect, it is rare to have two undefeated teams play this late in the year! It should tell us a lot about two teams that have been relatively untested.

Next Five

#6-Heritage (5-0) (LW #9) #7-Greely West (4-1) (LW #10) #8-Ponderosa (3-2) (LW #7) #9-Skyline (3-2) (LW #10) #10-Air Academy (4-1) (LW NR)

Class 4A Rankings - Joe

#1 - Loveland (5-0) (Last Week: #1)

Joe’s Take: Everything was expected in 4A this week. Loveland had a crisp win to maintain their spot as the best team.

#2 - Pine Creek (4-1) (Last Week: #2)

Joe’s Take: Hopefully the coaching staff at Pine Creek had a good plan for their team on the bye week. I think they will be ready to take care of business next week with fresh legs.

#3 - Broomfield (4-1) (Last Week: #3)

Joe’s Take: This team is legit they can put up some points in a hurry and stop you on defense. A lot of praise for this team.

#4 - Montrose (5-0) (Last Week: #4)

Joe’s Take: Montrose is continuing to show they can play the game of football. They did not disappoint and continued to execute in all three phases.

#5 - Heritage (5-0) (Last Week: #6)

Joe’s Take: I like Heritage as an undefeated team. They have a big game coming up this week that will shake things up moving forward.

Next Five

#6-Longmont (4-1) (LW #6) #7-Ponderosa (3-2) (LW #7) #8-Pueblo West (3-2) (LW #8) #9-Rampart (3-2) (LW #9) #10-Skyline (3-2) (LW #10)

Class 3A Rankings - Tim

#1 - Palmer Ridge (3-2) (Last Week: #1)

Tim’s Take: A bye week for Palmer Ridge and another one that seemed to come at a perfect time. Ty Evans and Tom Pulford will have these guys rolling next week.

#2 - Erie (5-0) (Last Week: #2)

Tim’s Take: Erie rolled Mead this week and with that, it appears they will cruise to an undefeated season.

#3 - Harrison (5-0) (Last Week: #3)

Tim’s Take: Harrison continues their reign over Pueblo Football as they knock off their third consecutive Pueblo area team. Coach Al Melo has the Panthers clicking on all cylinders.

#4 - Discovery Canyon (5-0) (Last Week: #4)

Tim’s Take: Discovery Canyon with a bye week last week, they keep their spot.

#5 - Holy Family (4-1) (Last Week: #5)

Tim’s Take: Holy Family with perhaps the most impressive win in the state this week. Backup QB Kyle Helbig makes the switch from WR to QB and dominates with six total touchdowns.

Next Five

#6-Thomas Jefferson (5-0) (LW #6) #7-Palisade (4-1) (LW #7) #8-Durango (3-2) (LW #8) #9-George Washington (3-2) (LW #9) #10-Pueblo East (3-2) (LW #10)

Class 3A Rankings - Justin

#1 - Erie (5-0) (Last Week: #1)

Justin’s Take: With a 55-7 victory this week over Canon City, Erie has solidified itself as the top team in 3A. I would love to see a little more balance on offense, or any attempt at balance whatsoever, but this is old school football. Still 1-2 for 15 yards passing will not beat Palmer Ridge!

#2 - Palmer Ridge (3-2) (Last Week: #2)

Justin’s Take: Bye week, hopefully Palmer Ridge took advantage of the time off and will come out as hot in the second half of the season as they were heading into the bye week.

#3 - Harrison (5-0) (Last Week: #3)

Justin’s Take: Down in the 4th Quarter, Harrison was able to put 20 points on the board and win 34-17. Aumiere Shedrick starred by rushing for 98 yards with 3 TD’s and another 100 yards receiving with 1 TD.

#4 - Thomas Jefferson (5-0) (Last Week: #4)

Justin’s Take: 60-18 beat down of Thompson Valley had me questioning why I did not move TJ up in my rankings, and then I realized that Thompson Valley surrenders 60 points every other week!

#5 - Discovery Canyon (5-0) (Last Week: #5)

Justin’s Take:  Bye week, The Thunder are back in action this week with a tune up against Littleton before a showdown with #4 Thomas Jefferson.

Next Five

#6-Palisade (4-1) (LW #6) #7-Durango (3-2) (LW #7) #8-Holy Family (4-1) (LW #8) #9-Fort Morgan (4-1) (LW #9) #10-Pueblo East (3-2) (LW #10)

Class 3A Rankings - Joe

#1 - Erie (5-0) (Last Week: #1)

Joe’s Take: This week was an extra day of practice for Erie. They had a crisp win and will look to win out with a favorable schedule.

#2 - Palmer Ridge (3-2) (Last Week: #2)

Joe’s Take: I am confident coach Tom Pulford had a good plan in place for his boys on their bye week. It is easy to come back from a week off and start slow, PR will need to show they are ready for the back half of the season.

#3 - Discovery Canyon (5-0) (Last Week: #3)

Joe’s Take: Discovery Canyon beat what I am calling a “capable” Pueblo East team because of what they showed against Palmer Ridge. Either way, Discovery Canyon wins games and I like it.

#4 - Thomas Jefferson (5-0) (Last Week: #4)

Joe’s Take: Between this team an Smoky Hill we have a barn burner for Colorado’s best kept secret. TJ has some straight up dudes, and they are beating teams in style.

#5 - Harrison (5-0) (Last Week: #5)

Joe’s Take: This team will win state if they give it to Orlando Westbrook downhill. Play him at middle linebacker and let him command the D. Overall Harrison is a very good football team playing some good football.

Next Five

#6-Durango (3-2) (LW #6) #7-Palisade (4-1) (LW #7) #8-Holy Family (4-1) (LW #8) #9-Fort Morgan (4-1) (LW #9) #10-Pueblo East (3-2) (LW #10)