Week 8 Power Rankings:

This week was a great week of Colorado High school football. Grandview showed they were for real as they took down Cherokee Trail in a big-time game. There was a ton of movement in 4A with Montrose blowing out Heritage and Greeley West laying it on Longmont. Check out what our coaches think below:

Class 5A Rankings - Tim

#1 - Cherry Creek (7-0) (Last Week: #1)

Tim’s Take: A very sad series of events led to a cancellation of the Cherry Creek Arapahoe game last week. Cherry Creek is set up for a huge matchup this week against Eaglecrest this week.

#2 - Valor Christian (7-0) (Last Week: #2)

Tim’s Take: Valor Christian took down Rock Canyon this past week and is on to Mountain Vista. With Mountain Vista’s struggles this season it looks like the next test will come the week after as they take on ThunderRidge.

#3 - Columbine (7-0) (Last Week: #3)

Tim’s Take: Columbine took down Lakewood big 41-16. This Columbine team now has a gauntlet of a schedule to finish the season. With Ralston Valley this Thursday and then Pomona next week, we will learn a lot about this team.

#4 - Eaglecrest (7-0) (Last Week: #5)

Tim’s Take: Eaglecrest had a very dominating 51-8 over Overland this week. With a showdown with #1 Cherry Creek this week, they have a chance to catapult up in the rankings with a win this week.

#5 - ThunderRidge (6-1) (Last Week: #6)

Tim’s Take: The Grizzlies are back in the top five! After a hard fought 18-13 win over rival Highlands Ranch, they are onto Rock Canyon. The Grizzlies and coach Nisenson need to handle business and stay focused before their showdown with #2 Valor Christian.

Next Five

#6-Grandview (6-1) (LW #7) #7-Fairview (6-1) (LW #8) #8-Ralston Valley (6-1) (LW #9) #9-Pomona (5-2) (LW #10) #10-Cherokee Trail (6-1) (LW #5)

Class 5A Rankings - Justin

#1 - Cherry Creek (7-0) (Last Week: #1)

Justin’s Take: No game for the Bruins this week, it will be interesting to see how the impromptu bye week effects Cherry Creeks rhythm going up against the team that knocked them out of the playoffs a year ago.  Eaglecrest was able to dominate the playoff game a year ago along the line of scrimmage, the offensive and defensive lines will need to show up big in order for Cherry Creek to remain on top.

#2 - Valor Christian (7-0) (Last Week: #2)

Justin’s Take: Can I be honest with you? I wrote this before the Valor game even started! I’m assuming they won by 50, and I think that is generous for a Rock Canyon team that has been outscored 103-14 the last two weeks.

#3 - Columbine (7-0) (Last Week: #3)

Justin’s Take: Logan DeArment was able to put this game away in the first half with 4 passing touchdowns and the defense shut Lakewood down until the 4th quarter when the Tigers were able to put 16 meaningless points on the board. We know the rushing attack is always potent and the defense has been lights out, if this passing game can keep teams honest there is no telling how far this team could go.

#4 - Eaglecrest (7-0) (Last Week: #4)

Justin’s Take: Dylan James dominated a poor Overland defense this week on the ground with 185 yards on only 17 carries wint 4 TD’s. If he wants to win this week he is going to have to do better than the 5-13 passing performance he put up against the Trailblazers. Eaglecrest can’t expect to win against Cherry Creek with a one dimensional offense, they will need more from their quarterback.

#5 - Grandview (6-1) (Last Week: #5)

Justin’s Take: After a heartbreaking loss a week ago against Eaglecrest, Grandview bounced back in a big way defeating previously undefeated  Cherokee Trail. After a very suspect defensive performance a week ago the defense was able to dominate Cherokee Trail for their first shutout of the season. This program has been defined by their defense for as long as coach Schultz has been there, I’d be willing to bet that practice this last week was not very fun for the Wolves.

Next Five

#6-Ralston Valley (6-1) (LW #7) #7-Pomona (5-2) (LW #8) #8-Smoky Hill (7-0) (LW #6) #9-Fairview (6-1) (LW #10) #10-ThunderRidge (6-1) (LW #NR)

Class 5A Rankings - Joe

#1 - Cherry Creek (7-0) (Last Week: #1)

Joe’s Take: There is a very good chance we won’t see this team lose a football game. Even their young talent is making sizable impacts.

#2 - Valor Christian (7-0) (Last Week: #2)

Joe’s Take: Valor will have a cake walk through the conference schedule they have coming up. If they don’t beat themselves they will not be challenged until the playoffs.

#3 - Columbine (7-0) (Last Week: #3)

Joe’s Take: Columbine beat a very average Lakewood team with ease. Going to be tough to move up with the top two teams taking care of business.

#4 - Eaglecrest (7-0) (Last Week: #4)

Joe’s Take: Blowout win against a team that was not capable of putting up a fight. We will really see what this team is made of next week.

#5 - Pomona (5-2) (Last Week: #6)

Joe’s Take: Pomona had a closer game than I expected against Arvada West. The final score doesn’t show it, but this game was tied multiple times going back and forth. I still think this football team has all the pieces.

Next Five

#6-Grandview (6-1) (LW #7) #7-Smoky Hill (7-0) (LW #8) #8-Cherokee Trail (6-1) (LW #6) #9-Ralston Valley (6-1) (LW #9) #10-ThunderRidge (6-1) (LW #10)

Class 4A Rankings - Tim

#1 - Loveland (6-0) (Last Week: #1)

Tim’s Take: Loveland is staying at the top after a sound win over Monarch. This team is absolutely rolling and I am not sure they will get tested the rest of the regular season. They should be the #1 seed heading into playoff time.

#2 - Pine Creek (5-1) (Last Week: #2)

Tim’s Take: Pine Creek with another bye week as the team they were supposed to play had to forfeit due to low numbers in the program. Hopefully, this does not throw the Eagles off of their rhythm.

#3 - Montrose (6-0) (Last Week: #4)

Tim’s Take: Montrose is proving to be a tougher and tougher team with each week that goes by. At first, we did not know a lot about them as they stayed on the Western Slope but as they head into league play they are showing that they are here to handle business.

#4 - Broomfield (5-1) (Last Week: #5)

Tim’s Take: Broomfield just keeps handling business. Led by coach Blair Hubbard and Senior Quarterback Steven Croell the Eagles are handling business and I am sure they want a rematch with Loveland in the playoffs.

#5 - Greely West (5-1) (Last Week: #8)

Tim’s Take: Greely West jumps all the way up from #8 last week after a huge blowout win over Longmont. Longmont looked like they were rolling and then Greely West took care of business. This is a sleeper team with their only loss coming to Florida’s Coconut Creek.

Next Five

#6-Ponderosa (4-2) (LW #7) #7-Heritage (5-1) (LW #3) #8-Pueblo West (4-2) (LW #NR) #9-Grand Junction Central (4-2) (LW #NR) #10-Longmont (4-2) (LW #6)

Class 4A Rankings - Justin

#1 - Loveland (6-0) (Last Week: #1)

Justin’s Take:  Should we be concerned with a 28-3 performance over a lackluster Monarch team? Absolutely not! You can’t win every game by 40 points, but if this is what a let down looks like for Loveland you can expect Fort Collins to take a huge beating this week! Sorry Lambkins, if we were picking the game this week I’d pick Loveland by 60.

#2 - Pine Creek (5-1) (Last Week: #2)

Justin’s Take: Back to back weeks with no games could throw a team off its rhythm but that is exactly what Pine Creek will have to overcome as Cheyenne Mountain forfeited the game this week and a bye the week before. I know this team is talented enough to play with the best in the state, but it seems like they will have a hard time preparing themselves for the playoffs with such a weak schedule down the stretch.

#3 - Broomfield (5-1) (Last Week: #3)

Justin’s Take: Broomfield has allowed 19 points total in the five games since the 47 points they gave up to Loveland in week 2. Cover-up that massive black eye and you would be hard pressed to find a team that has been more dominant than this team.

#4 - Montrose (6-0) (Last Week: #5)

Justin’s Take: A 54-28 beatdown in the battle of the undefeateds sent Heritage tumbling down the rankings and has elevated Montrose into the contender conversation. This team continues to impress and has a soft schedule down the stretch, if they can get by Ponderosa in three weeks. If that happens, this team has a chance to enter the playoffs undefeated setting them up for a deep playoff run.

#5 - Greely West (5-1) (Last Week: #7)

Justin’s Take: Continuing the 4A shake-up, Greeley West put together their best effort of the season by completely dominating Longmont. The 4A classification has been exciting to watch all year long but it feels like now we are starting to get a hold on the best teams. A week one loss to a Florida opponent has allowed for Greeley West to come in under the radar. With the win over Longmont, no one will be sleeping on them the rest of the season.

Next Five

#6-Ponderosa (4-2) (LW #8) #7-Longmont (4-2) (LW #4) #8-Heritage (5-1) (LW #6) #9-Skyline (4-2) (LW #9) #10-Air Academy (5-1) (LW #10)

Class 4A Rankings - Joe

#1 - Loveland (6-0) (Last Week: #1)

Joe’s Take: Loveland had an easy win this week. Continuing to show they have all the pieces that show why they are number 1.

#2 - Pine Creek (5-1) (Last Week: #2)

Joe’s Take: This team looked good coming off of a bye week and got the job done. A chip is going to be on this teams shoulder going into the playoffs.

#3 - Montrose (6-0) (Last Week: #4)

Joe’s Take: Huge win for this football team against Heritage. Going on the road and beating a very capable opponent shows this team is mature and ready to win.

#4 - Broomfield (5-1) (Last Week: #3)

Joe’s Take: Easy blowout win for Broomfield. Not moved down for anything they did or didn’t do. Montrose is showing they are a better team.

#5 - Ponderosa (4-2) (Last Week: #7)

Joe’s Take: Ponderosa is battle tested and I truly believe they are a better team than some of these teams I have below them. They will be tested late in the season and we will see who deserves to be in the top 5.

Next Five

#6-Heritage (5-1) (LW #5) #7-Longmont (4-2) (LW #6) #8-Pueblo West (4-2) (LW #8) #9-Rampart (4-2) (LW #9) #10-Fruita Monument (4-2) (LW #NR)

Class 3A Rankings - Tim

#1 - Palmer Ridge (4-2) (Last Week: #1)

Tim’s Take: Palmer Ridge is back clicking on all cylinders and boy does it look good. Scoring 42 first-quarter points, led by senior QB and Colorado Buff Commit Ty Evans the Bears are ready to roll through league. With Littleton this week I do not see this stopping any time soon.

#2 - Erie (6-0) (Last Week: #2)

Tim’s Take: Erie continues its dominance on Colorado 3A football with another big win. They will not get tested for the rest of the season which could be trouble come playoff time.

#3 - Harrison (6-0) (Last Week: #3)

Tim’s Take: Harrison dominated this week 42-0 and this team looks good. With senior QB Orlando Westbrook leading this team they will have a shot come playoff time.

#4 - Discovery Canyon (6-0) (Last Week: #4)

Tim’s Take: Discovery Canyon absolutely took Littleton to the woodshed, beating them 63-0. Discovery Canyon will take on undefeated Thomas Jefferson in a highly anticipated matchup.

#5 - Holy Family (5-1) (Last Week: #5)

Tim’s Take: Holy Family with another sound win this week. This team will be tough to beat come playoff time and they are clicking right now.

Next Five

#6-Thomas Jefferson (6-0) (LW #6) #7-Palisade (5-1) (LW #7) #8-Durango (4-2) (LW #8) #9-Frederick (5-1) (LW #NR) #10-Pueblo East (4-2) (LW #10)

Class 3A Rankings - Justin

#1 - Erie (6-0) (Last Week: #1)

Justin’s Take: Good news for Erie fans, Noah Roper should be extremely well rested after only carrying the ball 6 times this week. All he did on those 6 carries, 117 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns. It’s nice when you can rest the players during a 48-0 blowout of 0-6 Northridge. Should be another short game for Roper and the rest of the starters against Niwot this week.

#2 - Palmer Ridge (4-2) (Last Week: #2)

Justin’s Take: Palmer Ridge scored 42 points this week while only allowing 6 and are showing signs of becoming the dominant team they were a year ago. Check that, they scored 42 points in the first quarter!!! THEY’RE BACK!!! Everyone in the 3A classification needs to take cover immediately.

#3 - Harrison (6-0) (Last Week: #3)

Justin’s Take:  Harrison was able to stay undefeated against an unworthy Falcon team that falls to 1-5. I would love to see some movement in the 3A class but it seems like everyone at the top keeps winning by 40 points.

#4 - Thomas Jefferson (6-0) (Last Week: #4)

Justin’s Take: TJ’s offense came back to earth this week against Lewis-Palmer scoring 38 points in a victory. That is the second most points Lewis-Palmer has given up on the season. TJ could have been looking ahead to this week opponent where they will need to be firing on all cylinders to keep up with Discovery Canyon.

#5 - Discovery Canyon (6-0) (Last Week: #5)

Justin’s Take: No let down here for Discovery Canyon before their big showdown with fellow undefeated Thomas Jefferson. Discovery-Canyon squeaked out a 63-0 victory over a game Littleton team. Actually they destroyed Littleton, and look to be peaking at the right time. For once we may have a shake-up in the 3A rankings after these two undefeateds battle this Friday night.

Next Five

#6-Palisade (5-1) (LW #6) #7-Durango (4-2) (LW #7) #8-Holy Family (5-1) (LW #8) #9-Fort Morgan (5-1) (LW #9) #10-Pueblo East (4-2) (LW #10)

Class 3A Rankings - Joe

#1 - Erie (6-0) (Last Week: #1)

Joe’s Take: Taking care of business as usual. Erie should win out until the playoffs.

#2 - Palmer Ridge (4-2) (Last Week: #2)

Joe’s Take: No surprise this week. Palmer Ridge was not tested, but looked crisp on all aspects.

#3 - Discovery Canyon (6-0) (Last Week: #3)

Joe’s Take: This team could very well be deserving of the top spot. They have talent and its working together nicely.

#4 - Thomas Jefferson (6-0) (Last Week: #4)

Joe’s Take: I am making it known not to sleep on this team, and give them the respect they deserve. They are clicking and have the ability to make a good run late in the season.

#5 - Harrison (6-0) (Last Week: #5)

Joe’s Take: Shutting a team out is never easy. I like how Harrison is playing right now. They will be even better if they let Orlando gets going down hill.

Next Five

#6-Durango (4-2) (LW #6) #7-Palisade (5-1) (LW #7) #8-Holy Family (5-1) (LW #8) #9-Fort Morgan (5-1) (LW #9) #10-Pueblo East (4-2) (LW #10)