The Best Quarterback Drop For Drive

Technique Tuesday #11 - D6 Footwork, Pro-Style Quarterback Drop!

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Here we go, Technique Tuesday #11! This week we are bringing you a true fundamental of the QB game, D6 Footwork Drop.

This drop is all about hitting one of the most common concepts in the game, Drive. If you do not know what Drive is check out Football Talk Friday #05 when we broke down the Seattle Seahawks running drive. (CLICK HERE)

D6 Footwork is combination footwork, meaning you will take a different drop based on the coverage or route. This drop is based on coverage. With the Drive concept, you always start by looking at your shallow cross first. A shallow cross has two options: man to man the receiver will stay on the run, zone coverage the receiver will sit down. As a Quarterback, you need to know that you’ll adjust your footwork based on zone or man. If it is man to man we will take a seven plant drop and if it is zone we will take a seven hitch drop.

Check out the video below for all the details!


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