EP. 12

Super Bowl Wrap Up

Tim Jenkins and the full Jenkins Elite staff sat down to recap Super Bowl LII. Undoubtabley the staff were shocked at the games outcome. For a reminder here are the predictions from last week:

  • Austin Apodaca: 38-35 Patriots
  • Justin Holland: 24-14 Patriots
  • Tim Jenkins: 31-10 Patriots
  • Joe Hansley: 27-21 Patriots

No one had given the Eagles a chance. Nick Foles was able to step up and prove the world wrong, it was truly the year of the backup in football. First with Tua Tagovailoa taking over the reigns to lead the Crimson Tide to victory over the Bulldogs, and now with Nick Foles strapping the team on his back to become a champion. Football has truly given it’s fans a year to remember so far.

In the second segment of this weeks podcast the team revisit Tom Brady’s legacy. Does he still deserve to be called the greatest of all time? Is this the last time we will see him in a Patriots uniform? Let us know what you think.

In the final segment of this weeks podcast the team talked over the epidemic in Maricopa County, Arizona. Just recently it was announced that four junior college programs would be shutting down their football programs. Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Glendale community colleges have closed down their program indefinitely. For many players who rely on the JUCO route to propel them to higher programs, this provides a scary precedent. Listen in to the get the full scoop and read the full article on Maricopa County HERE.

Thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoy Episode 12, listen to the full episode below or check us out on iTunes.

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