Sioux Falls SD,

Long roads tend to lead to happy endings. For Jenkins Elite QB Mitch Martin, a very long road led to an amazing beginning.

“Four years ago I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite guys of all time, Mitch Martin. Mitch was from a little school out in Strasburg,(Colorado), and I knew from the first time I watched him rip a 40 rocket ship that he was going to be a special player.” – Tim Jenkins

Since meeting Tim and working with Jenkins Elite, Mitch began to progress as a QB with intensity. He started to believe he was a special player too, and that led to 3 Colorado State Championship births, multiple 1,000+ passing seasons and an offer to play College Football for the Sioux Falls Cougars.

As soon as Mitch stepped foot on campus, he had one focus. Win the job. Easier said than done. Martin knew that it would be an uphill battle. As a Freshman, Mitch had to compete with Senior QB and former Cherry Creek Bruin, Luke Papilion. No easy task, but Mitch took the task in stride. Showing up each day ready to compete and prove that he could hang in with Sioux Falls best.

Fast forward 2 years, and as a redshirt sophomore, Martin has won the job.

After winning the job, Mitch hoped on the phone with his dad,

“I’m proud of how hard he had to work and what he had to overcome to earn the job. Seeing him live a childhood dream is very emotional for a parent. I’m so thankful for all of the people who helped him! He wouldn’t be where he is today without Coach Giger and countless positive influences in the Strasburg community. Tim Jenkins and his Elite staff really boosted his confidence and performance to make college football a reality for Mitch. His mom and I are so proud and thankful.” – Dennis Martin (Father)

Mitch Starts his first College game for the Cougars tonight, you can catch the game HERE.

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