New England Patriots Passing Concept

Football Talk Friday #12 - Okie Dragon, 2018 New England Patriots Offensive Plays.

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We are back again for Football Talk Friday #12! This week we are breaking down Double Right Close Zoom Quick Ace Right Okie Dragon. In addition, we’ll watch the 2018 New England Patriots run this against the Indianapolis Colts in week 5.

Double Right Close Zoom Quick Ace Right Okie Dragon is one of the best 2 shell 3 shell PSL passing plays in the NFL today. In this PSL (Pre / Post Snap Look) the Quarterback will start by identifying what coverage shell he is facing. If you are not sure what coverage shell means click here. This is where you can start a free account in our online academy and study every defense in football! In short, what we are looking for is if there are two safeties splitting the field or if there is a single safety in the middle of the field. If there is a single safety the Quarterback will work his arrow slant side. If there are two safeties the Quarterback will work his okie stick side.

The New England Patriots ran this concept in week 5 of the 2018 season against the Indianapolis Colts. Tom Brady completed the Stick Route to Rob Gronkowski for a 7 yard gain.

Make sure to follow along in order to pick up all the details, and master this pro-style quick-passing concept.

Check out the video breakdown below for all of the details, and don’t forget you can also download a PDF copy of the play by clicking on the PDF Download link!

  • Situation: N/A
  • PDF Play Download
    • Formation: (11) Double Right (Left) Close Zoom
    • Protection: Quick Ace Right (Left)
    • Play: Okie Dragon


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