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Jenkins Elite is proud to bring the best training available to every single quarterback in the world. Starting today,  Jenkins Elite Online; a database filled with courses, drills, and fundamentals is available to everyone. Over the past 2 months, Jenkins Elite Online has been in a beta testing state. A select few Quarterbacks around the world have been able to access the best Online Training resource ever created.

“It has always been a huge goal for the company. When I first started training quarterbacks I always wanted to be able to help more kids. At our Colorado flagship Jenkins Elite location we can only train so many quarterbacks, but now that we have our online training platform, every QB in the country can have access to the best teachings available.” – Tim Jenkins

May 9th, 2019 marks the date of the official launch of Jenkins Elite Online. At launch, a Jenkins Elite Online membership includes 3 separate fully realized courses. The first course, the Quarterback Fundamentals, dives deep into the little details of playing quarterback.  If you have ever struggled to throw a spiral regularly then this course is perfect for you.

Online Quarterback Training

The second course, the Quarterback Drill Database, is a massive database full of drills that NFL and College quarterbacks use on a daily basis. If you want a day by day breakdown of what you should be doing on the field, then look no further than the QB Drill Database.

Online Quarterback Training

The third and final course, the Defensive Identification Course, was designed to give quarterbacks the most important tool of all; the knowledge to beat any defense. Do you feel behind on your football IQ? Start reading defenses like a pro with the Defensive Identification Course!

Online Quarterback Training

With a subscription to Jenkins Elite Online, you receive every single course and access to all new content. That’s right, every update and new course will be added to your account with no extra cost. You can unlock all of this and more for only $14.99 a month. Open your path to becoming an elite level Quarterback today!