Quarterback Footwork Drills, Gain More Depth

Technique Tuesday #12 - Resistance Drop 3 Plant!

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Here we go, Technique Tuesday #12! This week we are bringing you one of the best Quarterback Footwork Drills for gaining more depth, the Resistance Drop 3 Plant Quarterback Footwork Drill.

This week is all about gaining more depth. As a Quarterback one of the most important aspects of playing under center is how much depth can we get in our drop, while still playing in rhythm. The Resistance Drop 3 Plant Drill will help us achieve just that.

Also in the video, you will hear me talk about the fundamentals section, well I have a confession, that is because these were all shot for our online academy which actually just launched and is not yet being advertised to the public… except for you guys. Go check it out if you want a place to access all the drills that we use at the Jenkins Elite QB Academy.

Check out the video below for all the details on the Resistance Drop 3 Plant Drill!


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