Podcast: Season 2 Episode 11: Power Rankings, Games of the Week, and Early Playoff Talk

Another interesting week of Colorado High School Football. The Jenkins Elite crew sit down for their usual back and forth about power rankings, games of the week, and what the playoffs might look like.

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Staff Win Rankings

Week #Tim JenkinsJoe HansleyJustin Holland
Week 15-36-27-1
Week 24-44-43-5
Week 34-44-45-3
Week 45-35-34-4
Week 55-33-54-4
Week 63-35-13-3
Week 72-54-36-1
Week 84-14-14-1
Week 94-25-15-1
Week 106-16-15-2

This Week’s Breakdown

5A: #17 Smoky Hill (10-0) V #16 Regis Jesuit (6-4)

  1. If you have been a listener this year you know this team has split our staff into believers and doubters. Either way, Tom Thenell and the Buffaloes come into round one of the playoffs undefeated and are looking to add upon their best season in 20 years.
  2. On the opposite side of the ball sits perennial powerhouse Regis Jesuit. Regis is not the dominant team of past years however, they are coming into round 1 at 6-4. However, after a rough start to the year, the Red Raiders have won their last 5 games in spectacular fashion, outscoring their opponents 206-41.
  3. Location and Time: Friday, 7 pm at Regis Jesuit High School

5A: #13 Arapahoe (5-5) V #20 Lakewood (3-7)

  1. Arapahoe enters round one of the playoffs at 5-5 and they are looking to make a splash this year. New head coach Rob Sherman will have the Warriors ready to go Tiger hunting come Saturday.
  2. Lakewood has had a rough 3-7 year, but that was good enough to birth them into the playoffs. Lucky for them the regular season doesn’t matter and its all about what you can do in the playoffs. The Tigers are going to rest their hopes on the arm of senior QB Pierce Holley in this one.
  3. Location and Time: Saturday, 1 pm at Littleton Public School Stadium

4A: Rampart (7-2) V Pueblo West (7-2)

  1. Rampart has been on a historically good run in the 2018 season and they are looking to make some noise in the playoffs. Their running attack has been dangerous this year and we expect the same game plan this Friday.
  2. Pueblo West is on a roll this year as well, sitting at 7-2 and looking ready for anything the playoffs has to offer up. The Cyclones will also look to the run game to get it done in round one.
  3. Location and Time: Friday, 7 pm at Cyclone Stadium

4A: Ponderosa (7-2) V Heritage (8-1)

  1. We have been saying it all year, Pondo is the real deal. They are on a 7 game winning streak and after beating Montrose the Mustangs are riding on cloud nine. Senior QB Dylan Hollowell had his number called last week and he answered in a big way, we expect the same performance this week.
  2. Heritage is riding into the final week of 4a regular season at 8-1 and they aren’t looking to slow down. Junior QB Conner Cummiskey is having himself a year and you can bet the Eagles will call his number plenty of times in this one.
  3. Location and Time: Friday, 7 pm at Littleton Public Schools Stadium

4A: Longmont (7-2) V Broomfield (7-2)

  1. Doug Johnson and the Longmont Trojans are on another campaign for the title this year. Coming into the week at an impressive 7-2 and looking to add one more win before playoff time. Senior QB Oakley Dehning is dangerous and we fully expect him to make some crazy plays in this one.
  2. On the opposite side sits Broomfield and their own dangerous QB Steven Corell. They will look to make this a game to remember on the arms of two gunslingers, should be a great one to watch.
  3. Location and Time: Time and Location is undecided

3A: Erie (9-0) V Fort Morgan (8-1)

  1. No one has been close to the Tigers this season. Looking at their schedule, it has been an absolute beatdown of every opponent. Noah Roper aims to keep it that way for the rest of the season and into the playoffs. He will also be looking to add to his 29 TD’s as well.
  2. Fort Morgan is looking to take down a giant this week. Coming into the week sitting at an impressive 8-1 the Mustangs are now looking to outpace the Tigers. Senior QB Isaac Linker is going to have to show up in a big way to get this one done.
  3. Location and Time: Friday, 7 pm at Legion Field

3A: Discovery Canyon (8-1) V Palmer Ridge (7-2)

  1. Discovery Canyon has put together an impressive year, coming into the last week of the regular season at 8-1. They will be facing off the best opponent they have had all year in Palmer Ridge. They will be betting heavily on their run game in this one and Senior RB Zach Anderson will be looking to carry the load.
  2. On the flip side sits the Bears and Ty Evans. You know the deal with this team, two tough losses early have put the Bears in a whole that they clawed themselves out of all year, and now they are sitting pretty for playoff time. Expect to hear the usual suspects in this one.
  3. Location and Time: Friday, 7 pm at N/A (Possibly D20?)

3A: Durango (6-3) V Pueblo East (7-2)

  1. Durango comes into the final week of the regular season at 6-3. The Demons have had an up and down year, but all their losses have been close. Sophomore QB Jordan Woolverton will lead the demons into this one, expect him to come out firing early.
  2. On the opposite side sits Pueblo East. Remember this is the team that took Palmer Ridge down early in the year and have ridden that wave all the way to a 7-2 record. They are looking to tack on one more win before playoff time hits and Senior QB Luc Andrada will be the go-to guy in this one.
  3. Location and Time: Friday, 7 pm at Dutch Clark Stadium