Podcast: Season 2 Episode 13: Power Rankings, Games of the Week, and Playoff Discussion

Week 13 has arrived and the playoffs are heating up! Tune in this week to hear all about the action-packed 5A semi-finals, the landscape of the 4A division, the 3A rundown and more! Tim Jenkins, Justin Holland, and Joe Hansley bring you another week of the best high school football podcast in Colorado!

As always thank you for listening in!

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Staff Win Rankings

Week #Tim JenkinsJoe HansleyJustin Holland
Week 15-36-27-1
Week 24-44-43-5
Week 34-44-45-3
Week 45-35-34-4
Week 55-33-54-4
Week 63-35-13-3
Week 72-54-36-1
Week 84-14-14-1
Week 94-25-15-1
Week 106-16-15-2
Week 116-26-27-1
Week 124-23-34-2

This Week’s Breakdown

5A: Valor Christian (1) VS. ThunderRidge (8)

    1. Valor walks into round 2 of the 5A playoffs still sitting on an undefeated regular and post-season. After a very big win against Regis, 44-6, the Eagles aren’t looking to miss a step.
    2. Sitting opposite the Eagles are the Grizzlies of ThunderRidge. A truly historic year for the Griz and coach Nisenson has led them to an inter-town rival game. These guys are foaming at the mouth now that they get another shot at their inter-town rival.
    3. Friday, 7 pm at Valor Christian High School

5A: Eaglecrest (4) VS. Grandview (5)

    1. Eaglecrest has emerged as the Cinderella story of Colorado football. After losing their head coach early in the season the Raptors rallied and showed everyone in the state that they are just as good as 2017’s runner-up team.
    2. If you follow Colorado HS football you know what happened last time these teams met. Grandview was edged out in the last seconds from a hail marry. You know the Wolves are going to be looking for revenge in this one. It should be a great game the whole way through.
    3. Saturday, 1 pm at Legacy Stadium

5A: Columbine (2) VS. Pomona (7)

    1. Not much needs to be said about Andy Lowry’s Rebels. Big, physical, dominant. This team will wear you down all game long and hang 40 in the process. No-one has given these guys a game so far this year, Pomona will get a second shot this week.
    2. After a hot start, the Panthers have cooled down as late. Losing their star WR Billy Pospisil didn’t help either. But, Pomona seems to have rallied after a big-time win VS. Arvada West in week one of the playoffs. Coach Madden will have been scheming a gameplan up all season for this one, it should be an exciting game to watch.

5A: Cherry Creek (3) VS. Ralston Valley (6)

    1. Creek came into the year looking like an all-world team. After a small misstep against Grandview in week 10, the Bruins seemed to have gotten back on track. They took out some anger against Castle View in round one of the playoffs and they are now looking to do the same to Ralston Valley.
    2. Ralston has had a quietly good year. What hurt the Mustangs most this year was the loss to 4A Loveland. Loveland went on to prove just how good they were the rest of the season dominating all of 4A. The Mustangs will be looking to expand on last weeks 52-0 win against Cherokee Trail.
    3. Friday, 7 pm at the Stutler Bowl

4A: Chatfield (13) Ponderosa (5)

    1. Chatfield is better than everyone thinks, plain and simple. All of their losses have been close and from good teams. Taking Fruita and Greeley West to the wire and a close loss against Dakota Ridge put the Chargers in a hole but they have been steadily digging themselves out. This week they will have their hands full with Ponderosa.
    2. Ponderosa has emerged as a gritty team and has surprised the whole state this year. Since their loss against Valor, the Mustangs have put on a show with 9 straight wins and a 50-20 smackdown on Longmont.
    3. Saturday, 1 pm at Jeffco Stadium

3A: Palmer Ridge (4) Harrison (5)

    1. We have talked about the Bears plenty this year. What else is there to say? Loaded with talent and looking dominant, Palmer Ridge is looking a lot like Superman.
    2. Harrison will be looking to fill the role of the Kryptonite this week. Orlando Sanchez has led the Panthers to a record-setting year and everything will rest on his shoulders come Saturday.
    3. Saturday, 1 pm Don Breese Stadium

2A: Platte Valley (6) VS. Resurrection Christian (2)

    1. Platte Valley has had themselves an electric year on the arm of Senior QB Trevon Wehrman. The Broncos sit at 11-0 and are looking to ride it all the way to state.
    2. On the opposite side of the ball sits undefeated Resurrection Christian. The Cougars are another team that is hoping to seal the perfect season. Only one of them can advance and retain that possibility.
    3. Saturday, 1 pm at Platte Valley High School