Podcast: Season 2 Episode 14: Games of the Week, and Playoff Discussion

Week 14 has arrived and the playoffs are heating up! Tune in this week to hear all about the action-packed 5A 4A and 3A semi-finals and the 2A and 1A Championship games! Tim Jenkins, Justin Holland, and Joe Hansley bring you another week of the best high school football podcast in Colorado!

As always thank you for listening in!

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Staff Win Rankings

Week #Tim JenkinsJoe HansleyJustin Holland
Week 15-36-27-1
Week 24-44-43-5
Week 34-44-45-3
Week 45-35-34-4
Week 55-33-54-4
Week 63-35-13-3
Week 72-54-36-1
Week 84-14-14-1
Week 94-25-15-1
Week 106-16-15-2
Week 116-26-27-1
Week 124-23-34-2
Week 135-26-17-0

This Week’s Breakdown

5A: (1)Valor Christian VS. (5)Grandview

    1. Valor Christian continues to roll through the state after a 34-7 win over the ThunderRidge Grizzlies. QB Luke McCaffery and RB Josiah Davis are back in full force and are looking to push the Eagles all the way to another championship.
    2. Grandview will have something to say about the Eagles chances for another championship run. Last year the Wolves ended Valor’s hopes of a run at the ship and they will be looking to do the same this year. Sophomore QB Jacob Burr and the Grandview defense will be leading the charge in the Semis.
    3. Saturday, 1 pm at Legacy Stadium

5A: (2)Columbine VS. (3)Cherry Creek

    1. Columbine will enter semi-final week at 12-0 and looking like the team to beat. After a big win last week over Pomona, the Rebels look dominant. The O-Line is full of some powerful guys and Junior RB Tanner Hollens has been running all over teams.
    2. Cherry Creek will be the team tasked with taking down the Rebels this week. Senior QB Alex Padilla will look for some weak-points in Columbine’s defense and Senior Alec Pell will look to dominate at the line of scrimmage.
    3. Friday, 7 pm at Jeffco Stadium

4A: (9)Skyline VS. (5)Ponderosa

    1. Skyline is riding an all-time high after last weeks nailbiter against Pine Creek. Chase Silva and Jeremy Hollingsworth have rallied the Falcons to an impressive post-season stretch.
    2. Ponderosa will be standing firmly in their way of the championship. Senior QB Dylan Hollowell has been lights out in the post-season and he will look to advance Ponderosa to the Finals.
    3. Saturday, 1 pm at Echo Park

4A: (6)Montrose VS. (2)Loveland

    1. Montrose has had a great season so far and they are now eyeing up the championship trophy. The Indians have torn through Colorado with their only slip up coming from an impressive Pondo team.
    2. Loveland team everyone has been talking about this year. They have blown past their competition and no one has really been close. Senior RB Zach Weinmaster has been running silly this year and he will be the one carrying the other Indians in this one.
    3. Saturday, 1 pm at Montrose High School

3A: (1)Palisade VS. (4)Palmer Ridge

    1. Palisade has had another great year under the supervision of legendary coach Joe Ramunno. Their only slip up came from a dominant 4A Montrose team. The Bulldogs are always a dangerous contender and this week will be no different.
    2. On the other side of the ball sits plenty of danger as well. Palmer Ridge has been on an absolute tear during the tail end of the season. The bears slipped in the beginning of the year but have come back in full force. This should be a heck of a game.
    3. Saturday, 1 pm at Stocker Stadium

3A: (3)Erie VS. (2)Pueblo East

    1. Any other week this might be an Eerie lockdown pick from us. However, Noah Roper is questionable to play this week. We are looking to Eerie to prove that they are more than just a player here and that the entire team can rally around and come out strong.
    2. Pueblo East is finally healthy and they look to be almost unstoppable. Luc Andrada and Kain Medrano have as much talent as anyone in the state and they will be on full display in this one.
    3. Saturday, 1 pm at Dutch Clark Stadium

2A: (4)La Junta VS. (6)Platte Valley

    1. This is a battle of the Jenkins Elite QB’s. This is a very special game and should be a true face-off of the best teams in 2A. La Junta is Led by Jon Nuschy and they have chewed through the entire state this year. The Tigers are looking to seal out a true undefeated season with a win this week in the championship game.
    2. Trevon Wehrman and the Broncos will be on the opposite side of the ball making sure the Tigers don’t get their undefeated season. This should be a great one, look for both QB’s to take the game over.
    3. Saturday, 1 pm at Neta & Eddie DeRose ThunderBowl

1A: (1)Limon VS. (3)Strasburg

    1. Limon has been on a campaign this year. Sitting at 12-0 and looking to make it a perfect season. The Badgers finished up last week in a 36-0 blowout and they don’t seem to be slowing down.
    2. Strasburg will be their last roadblock this year. Their only loss this year comes from non-other than Limon in week 4. QB Collin Russell is back and ready to turn the tables on Limon for the Championship.
    3. Saturday, 1 pm at Strasburg High School