Play Breakdown, Sticky Y-Arrow

Improve your functional football IQ with this week's play breakdown of Sticky Y-Arrow.

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This week I am so excited to be bringing you guys Football Talk Friday #01! On Fridays moving forward we will focus on offensive football, defensive identification, film breakdown, and anything that can help improve your functional football intelligence! This week we are breaking down the play: Triple Right Off, Quick Scat Right, Sticky Y-Arrow.

Triple Right Off, Quick Scat Right, Sticky Y-Arrow, is a pure progression play where we are attacking underneath. It is a horizontal stretch of the linebackers with a big alert backside with your X. If you are a play-caller, the designed purpose for this play is a completion. Make sure to follow along and pick up all the details of mastering this pro-style quick game play.

Check out the video and breakdown below for all of the details!

  • Situation: N/A
  • PDF Play Download
    • Formation: (12) Triple Right (Left) Off
    • Protection: Quick Scat Right (Left)
    • Play: Sticky Y-Arrow


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