Three 3rd Down Plays You Need In Your Playbook!

These three 3rd down plays will help your offense stay on the field. Organized by distance make sure to install them accordingly.

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Quarterbacks, offensive coordinators, and head coaches all have one down in common that makes them great or awful, 3rd down. The difference in just two more third down conversions a game can be the difference between a winning season and a winless season. Third down is the most important down in the flow of a football game. The difference between continuing your drive, or having your tired defense take the field one more time.

Below are three 3rd down plays that are “must haves” in your playbook. As for the common fan or football fanatic, I would be willing to bet your favorite college or pro team run these 3 plays consistently, and now you can be the smartest person at the tailgate.

Bunch Right GunGawk LeftMesh Bullets

  • 3rd & Short (2-3 Yards)
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    • Formation: (11) Bunch Right (Left) Gun
    • Protection: Gawk Left (Right)
    • Play: Mesh Bullets

This third and short, pure progression, play is great against man to man and zone coverages. With your built in mesh, you beat man to man with the natural rub (pick) that will occur between your Y and your X. Based on trust with your quarterback and coordinator you also have built-in shot plays with your H and your F on bullet routes.

Twins Right GunSox RightTimber Y Corner X Select

  • 3rd & Medium (2-6 Yards)
  • PDF Download
    • Formation: (11) (10) Twins Right (Left) Gun
    • Protection:  Sox Right (Left)
    • Play: Timber Y Corner X Select

This third and short-medium, big alert, play is great against all the possible looks for this down and distance. Third and medium is so tough because you can get pressure, exotic drop looks, and base coverage all on one down. With the Timber Concept, you have a great zone beater, my personal favorite part about this play is if you get too complicated of a look or a disguise you just can’t figure out, you always have the backside 1 on 1 select route to work with.

Twins Right GunScat RightDeep Sticky X Select H Balloon

  • 3rd & Long (4-10 Yards)
  • PDF Download
    • Formation: (11) (10) Twins Right (Left) Gun
    • Protection: Scat Right (Left)
    • Play: Deep Sticky X Select H Balloon

This third and long, big alert, play is great against pressure and coverage looks. If you get a one on one matchup you can take the backside select with your X and if you get coverage you can work clean through your pure progression and look at your F to your Y to your H on the checkdown.


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