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Football Talk Friday #34 - Cat Z Bend H Stay

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We are back for Football Talk Friday #34! Today, we are breaking down Cat Z Bend H Stay, which is a great shot play.

With Toy Flank Right Shotgun Gone Right Cat Z Bend H Stay we are working a shot play from the pocket. The Quarterback will take a burn it up 5 plant in the gun with a hitch and work a PSL progression. PSL means pre or post snap look, this is a 3 shell or 2 shell look PSL. If we see split safety aka 2 Shell we will work inside out weak, from the bender to the go. If we see single safety aka 3 Shell we will work AFRO (away from rotation) inside out.

We are going to watch Drew Brees deliver a dime to Benjamin Watson for a 27 yard gain.

Today’s Football Talk Friday was powered by Ready List Sports, an innovative new playbook tool that we have started using at Jenkins Elite, check them out!

Also check out the video breakdown below for all of the details, and remember you can also download a PDF copy of the play by clicking on the PDF Download link!

  • Situation: N/A
  • PDF Play Download
    • Formation: (12) Toy Flank Right (Left) Shotgun
    • Protection: Gone Right (Left)
    • Play: Cat Z Bend H Stay


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